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There was something about VHS that was special. When DVD started to take of comedian, Glenn Robbins stated on The Panel that he was going to miss VHS. He was going to miss it because if using a DVD you can starch the disc and ruin it but with VHS you could drop kick it under the sofa, forget about it, find it six months later, pop it into the machine, and it would play from where you left off.

Video Home System (VHS) tapes brought movies home in a way that before it’s introducing in June 1977 hadn’t been done. As the ’80s peaked, almost every home had at least once VCR player and a stack of VHS tapes. The ability to record on VHS also meant that most houses had a pile of tapes, probably without a label, that had sports, films, or special episodes of television recorded on them.

How many VHS tapes did you have in your house? Do you still have them? Do you prefer VHS, DVD, or Digital movies?

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  1. Hundreds’!
    I’ve three STB’s, VCR’s & TV’s, two being given me when kids ‘left the nest’.

    I still love using my VHS Tapes, as I know what I’m doing with recording etc.
    I don’t ‘watch’ TV per se. I tape every show I want to watch.
    That way, I ‘time shift’ to suit me, AND I can fast fwd the absolute plethora of adverts.

    The DISadvantage to me when Digital came in, was on MY big GE tv, I could tape a show, but watch another live as well, so in essence, I could have three taped, & one watched shows, broadcasting at the one time, eg 8:30pm, as they do, on some nights the FtA stations’!
    So that’s called ‘progress’? Give me Analog any day!

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