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A primary school teacher decided to play a little guessing game with her class.

“Listen everyone, I’m going to turn around and hold something in my hand and you have to guess what it is. Here’s a clue, it’s yellow and you can eat it,” she says.

One of the children guessed a melon but another guessed a banana.

“That’s right,” the teacher says. “Now I’m holding something red in my hand, and this is also something you can eat.”

A little girl guessed an apple.

“Well done, it shows all of you are really thinking.”

At this point a boy at the back asked if he could have a turn. With his back to the class he says, “I’ve got something in my hand that’s long and has a red tip.”

“Now Billy, enough of that,” says the teacher.

“Actually, it’s a match Miss,” says Billy. “Bit it shows you’re really thinking.”

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