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You and your best friend: How to rent and have a pet

Nov 06, 2020
Pets can provide companionship and reduce social isolation for the elderly, something Joan Moore (pictured) knows all too well.

One of the downsides of getting older is that it can get a little lonely sometimes, especially amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic. Between loved ones and friends moving or passing away and grandkids growing up and becoming increasingly busy, or it simply becoming a little difficult to leave the house as often as you’d like or participate in activities you once used to, it’s not unusual for seniors to experience bouts of loneliness and report feelings of depression.

It’s little wonder then that many seniors are turning to pet ownership for a sense of comfort and companionship. A 2013 study found pet ownership has the potential to reduce the impacts of physical and emotional disorders in the elderly by providing companionship, reducing social isolation and enhancing physical activity. Further, it’s been found that animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase social interaction and physical activity.

So, what happens if you’re renting a home? It can often be difficult to find a rental property that allows pets. That’s why many seniors are turning to rental communities like Ingenia Gardens, where resident comfort is high priority. They understand that pets are a big part of feeling at home, and therefore they’re welcomed with open arms.

Joan Moore is just one of the many happy residents living at Ingenia Gardens Melton with her furry friend.

“One of the major decisions when I chose to live at Ingenia Gardens was that I had the ability to keep my pet,” she says.

“My cat, Jasper is such a great companion. I can tell him my inner most thoughts and secrets and I know he’ll never repeat them.”

Joan says Jasper was particularly good company while she was in lockdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic, referring to him as a “life saver”.

“It’s nice to have someone to say goodnight to and good morning,” she says. “I truly don’t know how I would have coped during lockdown without him, he kept me sane, happy and gave me a reason to keep going.

“It did become lonely at times but Jasper was always there for me.”

Christin Fogg can also attest to the importance of being able to live in a supportive retirement community with your pet. She moved to Ingenia Gardens Taree with her beloved four-year-old Maltese dog, Teddy earlier this year and has already seen an improvement in her health.

She takes Teddy for walks around the well-maintained gardens three to four times a day, stopping to chat to like-minded residents along the way.

“They all love Teddy,” Christin says. “They all stop to have a talk to him. I haven’t met an unpleasant person yet – they’re all lovely.”

Christin’s only regret in moving to Ingenia Gardens is that she left it too long.

“I should’ve come here 12 months ago,” she says. “I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

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