Abandoned French house reveals startling secrets

The pictures leave viewers with more questions. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

When wandering through the countryside of France, many would be only vaguely intrigued by crumbling architecture. But for one Dutch photographer, the story was a little different.

Vacant Photography has a penchant for capturing dilapidated structures on their travels, and photographs of one villa are grabbing everyone’s attention thanks to an article on Bored Panda.

“Most people will probably pass by this decaying house in the French countryside. But what’s inside will blow your mind!” the article reads, before launching into a series of hauntingly beautiful photos.

The property is a little worse for wear thanks to dust and the passage of time, but otherwise everything is in its place.

The hallway leads to more questions. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

Hats and scarves still rest on a coat rack, and toiletries and a pair of high-heeled wedges are still present in the bathroom.

Toiletries and a pair of shoes were left to gather dust. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

Given how dusty everything is, it seems unlikely that this perfectly-preserved home would have been recently inhabited by anyone, but where did the owners go? How can it have remained untouched for so long? Is it a hoax? Fans of the Vacant Photography Facebook page wanted to know.

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This bedroom offers a glimpse into the past. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

“What is the history of this place? Year built? Who owns it now? Why was it abandoned with all of the personal possessions?” reads one comment on the album of photos.

The owner of the page responded within the hour.

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“Sorry, I always try to get some sort of background story on the buildings, but didn’t found [sic] anything on this one,” they say.

The kitchen looks untouched. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

Vacant Photography is also reluctant to give any specific information on the house; when asked about the location, the owner simply replied that “it’s in France”.

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Sheet music was left open at this piano. Image: Facebook: Vacant Photography

Hopefully the truth about the property will emerge with time, before interested tourists track down the location for a cheeky peek of their own.

You can see the full range of images on Vacant Photography’s Facebook page

What do you think could have happened to the owners?