Top six jobs for Seniors right now

May 22, 2014

We’ve taken a look around the jobs world for companies that are currently looking to hire over 50s.  It seems the limitations to available roles is significant, with only a few showing up in each state on the jobs boards that are specific to older people.  And those that are featured are not jobs where your skills and knowledge, if you have worked for years, are likely to be tested significantly.  The roles that show up repeatedly, or perhaps the word is occasionally are easily seen to fit the following categories.

Have you been looking for a job?  Struggled to find them?  Have you tried the specialist sites for older workers in the market for a job?  


1.  Sales Assistants

Retailers like Woolworths and Bunnings are known for their supportive approach to hiring older workers.


2.  Calls Centres

Call Centres are a comfortable, if underpaid place for people with conversational talent to work.  My mum, despite years of experience in marketing has taken haven in a call centre in recent years.


3.  Market Researchers

Every state we looked in had market research roles advertised.


4.  Bookkeeping

A good solid and reliable job for those who might have owned or run their own business in the past, or worked in or around the accounting industry.



5.  Experience and confidence of older workers is well respected in the training industry.


Delivery Drivers and Limousine Drivers

6.  Moving product, stock and people is something that gets advertised on older workers sites quite often.


What types of jobs would you like to see advertised for older workers?


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