Prince of Denmark throws epic tantrum over burial arrangements

The prince consort has been bitter about his title for years.

Prince Henrik of Denmark has never tried to hide his anger about his position in the royal family; though he is the husband of Queen Magrethe, he wants to be called a king, or at the very least a king consort rather than the usual “prince consort”.

Now the 83-year-old prince has struck an even lower blow by announcing that he doesn’t wish to be buried next to his 77-year-old wife.

“It’s no secret that the prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarch,” Lene Balleby, the palace’s communications chief, is quoted as saying in an article by tabloid BT.

“For the prince, the decision not to be buried beside the queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse – by not having the title and role he has desired.”

The prince consort retired in 2016, renouncing his title altogether and choosing to spend most of his time at a private vineyard in France rather than living with his wife, though they have never formally separated and are officially living together.

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The prince’s animosity about the situation has grown over the years; just a few months ago, he ranted to Dutch media outlets about it again.

“I have always said that I should be a partner, but I am not considered as a partner because I’m not on the same level as my wife, which is completely ununderstandable [sic],” the prince said.

“I don’t accept it. I will never accept it!”

In 2015, the prince was interviewed in Le Figaro, where he broached the subject of gender equality.

“Why only be a prince and merely a Highness but not Majesty, without any status?” he asked.

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“Denmark, which is known as a fervent defender of gender equality, would be inclined to consider husbands as worth less than their wives? How can we explain to younger generations the usefulness of the monarchical system?”

Queen Margrethe has been married to the prince since 1967. She is expected to be buried “in the Roskilde Cathedral in a sarcophagus made by Danish artist Bjorn Norgaard”, according to the BBC. The prince has consented to being buried in Denmark, as long as it’s not beside his wife.

What do you think of the prince consort’s complaints? Should he have been made king consort or should he have come to terms with the title by now?



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