New lamb advert promotes Australia's diversity while tickling the funny bone

For the longest time, the Australia Day Lamb ads have been accusing people of being unAustralian.  The shadow of Sam Kekovich has been overshadowed by a brilliant written new advertisement that is about Australia’s incredible diversity.

The new star-studded spot features many of the biggest Australian personalities and sporting stars including Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman, NRL player Greg Inglis, model Samantha Harris, and Greek transgender comic Jordon Raskopoulos.

X Factor host Luke Jacobz kicks off the ad addressing many complaints about the campaigns for lamb in the past.  Luke says he’s “here to address concerns that too many perky white males are contributing to a lack of diversity on our screens” before transforming into Bengali-Australian actor Arka Das who “couldn’t agree more” and continues the ad that promotes “the ultimate cross-cultural protein”.

While some will get mad about the tongue-in-cheek joke about the different people of colour including “white-whites, translucent whites, beige whites, red whites, and our dark whites, who are darker than the light dark guys” the point of the ad is to be inclusive of all Australians.  The call of arms being “Get together over the meat that doesn’t discriminate”.

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Das finishes the ad by offering the first lamb cutlet off the BBQ by looking at the large crowd of multicultural people and asking “So who was here first?”  Freeman and Inglis step forward saying “Umm, that would be us”.

A perfect ending to a superb advertisement.

What do you think of the advert?