How to write a review about a hotel, tour or trip you’ve taken

Remember when you used to have to look out for travel reviews in the newspaper or hear about a destination through a friend? The world has changed a lot since those times and now you can find out a general consensus on every destination in the world, and things to do while you’re there, at the click of a button.

You may be wondering how you can share your experiences and give other travellers an insight into what you saw, and if you had any issues. A travel review is a great way to do this, and there are a variety of ways you can do it. There are many websites for travel reviews, as well as advice about hotels, hostels, restaurants, tourist spots and more.

Keep in mind that a review is a bit different to a blog in that it isn’t so much of a diary as it is a succinct recommendation.

Here’s how to write your first review!

1. Summarise your experience

First and foremost, make sure your review is a good summary of your experience – around 300 words. Write a review which would genuinely help someone else make up their mind whether they would want to go to that destination, hotel or restaurant. Don’t get lost in details and make it clear why you’re writing the review. What stood out about your stay or meal?

2. Give the main points

Tell the reader what you really thought of the place and how it met your expectations. Give them a quick rundown of the experience you had and sharing any advice to make it more pleasant, or anything you would avoid doing.

3. Share a helpful tip

Did you meet a friendly waiter or hotel staff member? Did you catch the manager’s name? Is there a great restaurant nearby? These are all things you can mention in your review! Give others a tip you would want to know yourself.

4. Comment on the service and facilities

Talk about:

Check in – Were the staff polite and attentive? Did they have your reservation? Did they help with tours?
Facilities – Are they clean and well maintained? Modern or outdated? What was there to do?
Room – Does the room match what you were told? What in-room amenities are offered?
Check out – Was checkout a no hassle process? Were you charged for anything extra?

5. Use correct grammar

Using correct grammar can go a long way to how well your review is received. If it is poorly written, it may be deleted or your writing may not be taken seriously.

6. Avoid personal attacks or rants

A review should be a clear, concise and honest review of an experience. If you are truly upset with what happened, get in touch with the hotel or restaurant and let them know – 9 times out of 10 they will want to find a way to rectify the situation. You can also talk about this in your review.

7. Write it quickly

People say they’d rather read about a recent experience and therefore are looking for the most up-to-date advice on a particular location. This means you should write something straight away about your trip.

8. Add photos

They say a photo can speak a thousand words and it’s true: the words in your review will mean so much more if you have evidence. Make sure they’re clear and not too dark.


Tell us: what would you like to write a review about?


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