Helen Mirren posts makeup-free selfie, still looks like a goddess

Helen Mirren dressed up for a night out.

Helen Mirren is often regarded as one of the most fabulous baby boomers out there, but it turns out underneath the makeup and hairspray she’s just like the rest of us – wrinkles and all!

Taking to Instagram, Helen snapped a pic of herself after completing a workout sans makeup and still looked as fabulous as ever.

While many stars seem to fall victim to the pressures of looking young, Helen has taken the more natural road and appears to be embracing the concept of ageing gracefully.

In a world where there is so much focus on needing to stay young, hide your wrinkles and cover your greys, it’s nice to see someone out there flying the flag for over 60s and telling the world to get over it.

sweaty from my work out

A photo posted by @helenmirren on

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As most over 60s know, there comes a time when you just have to say “screw it” and learn to love the skin you’re in.

When we’re young there is so much pressure to look a certain way, but as you get older – and wiser – that all seems to fade away as we start to become thankful for our bodies and care more about being happy and healthy than what we look like.

Still, that’s not to say over 60s can’t look amazing, too.

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Helen, Bette Midler, Meryl Streep and plenty more have proven just that and with more over 60s than ever getting active and adventurous in their retirement years, there’s hope all those youngens soon learn just how cool we are!

Do you focus more on how you feel and less on looks these days? Do you find you’re more comfortable now than when you were young?