Notorious criminal Adrian Bayley has been attacked in jail

Bayley is serving life in prison for the 2012 rape and murder of Jill Meagher.

Notorious rapist and murderer, Adrian Bayley, has been attacked in jail. 

Fairfax Media reported that the 46-year-old was stabbed with a fork by another inmate in Barwon Prison, Victoria. He is understood to have suffered only minor injuries, which were treated within the prison. 

Bayley is serving life in prison for the 2012 rape and murder of Jill Meagher, as well as the rapes of two other women. He has spent much of the past five years of his sentence in protective custody, as a result of fears he would be targeted by other inmates. 

Adrian Bayley was found guilty of attacking and killing Jill in an alley in 2012 as she was walking home late at night.

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He was sentenced to life in prison for his horrific crime and was later convicted of the three other rapes and given an extra 18 years in jail. 

Bayley had already been convicted of numerous attacks on women when he killed Jill, with the crime committed while he was on parole. A coroner found that Jill’s death could have been prevented if the parole system had of been tougher and done more to keep Bayley behind bars.

Despite this, last year his sentenced was reduced by three years on appeal. 

“[Bayley’s] offending was utterly abhorrent,” the appellate judges said on re-sentencing.

“It was not, however, atypical so far as he was concerned. Over many years, the applicant has shown a depraved predilection to attack, degrade and humiliate women.

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“As his criminal history amply demonstrates, his base inclinations have not, in the past, been curbed by substantial periods of imprisonment.”

Bayley won’t be eligible for parole until 2055, when he will be 83. 

Do you think offenders such as Bayley should be protected in prison?