Doh! Video catches hapless thieves' hilarious break-in fail

A brick at that speed must have really hurt.

A burglary attempt dramatically unravelled when one would-be thief managed to smash his partner over the head with a brick, while trying to break in to a warehouse – and CCTV captured the shock moment.

The two men were filmed as they tried to smash their way into a building in China using two bricks. But while one of them hit his target, he made the mistake of turning into his partner’s line of fire – and got caught in the cross-fire.

As the man threw his brick with great force, it went straight into the other would-be burglar’s face, knocking him to the ground.

The Shanghai Police department posted the video to social media site Weibo, and it has gathered millions of views ever since thanks to the accidental comedy value. According to the Mail Online, they captioned the video: “If thieves are at this level, the police will not have to work overtime.”

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The fail happened at around 12.50am on Wednesday, February 14, in Shanghai. Despite the clear images, the police are yet to track down the pair – who no doubt scarpered shortly after the mishap. It’s unclear if the man was hurt.

While one online user joked it was “instant karma”, another added: “Dumb and dumber.” 

It’s not the first time CCTV cameras have captured a failed crime. Just weeks ago, a hero shopper was filmed stopping a drug-fuelled attacker on a violent rampage in a New South Wales Aldi store. 

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Out of nowhere, Mervyn Davidson rushed through the store doors, swinging a baseball bat while under the influence of drugs. Footage showed Davidson rushing over to a checkout where he demanded cash from a female assistant at the Aldi store. Other customers could be seen running away as the violent criminal carried out his attack. He proceeded to hit the worker over the head with the bat, causing her to be knocked unconscious, as he scrambled to get his hands on cash. 

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Manuel Melgarejo, who was shopping in a nearby aisle, quickly swung into immediate action to try and stop the criminal at the Albion Park Rail store. He was shopping in a nearby aisle with his wife and daughter when he heard the commotion at the front of the store.

The CCTV video showed him ramming his trolley into Davidson with force, trying to stop him from causing any more damage. Another staff member then grabbed Davidson and snatched the baseball bat out of his hands as the staffer tried desperately to calm the attacker down.

That incident came after another video recently went viral showing a pair of thugs scamming an unsuspecting grandma as she shopped in a British Aldi store. During that incident, one robber asked the kind-hearted lady for assistance while the other reached into her handbag and stole her purse.

What do you think of the failed burglary footage?