Dawn French's 60th birthday plans: 'We'll drink too much probably!'

Dawn French's trademark heavy fringe is gone. Source: YouTube/Loose Women

Dawn French rarely says what’s expected – that’s what’s made her such a popular comedian and actress – and she’s no different when it comes to her big weight loss or celebrating a landmark birthday.

The actress showed she was as down to earth as ever in a series of appearances on UK daytime television yesterday.

The British performer told The One Show that she was due to turn 60 on October 11, but wasn’t planning a big, celebrity-filled party.

“I will sit down on Saturday with my kids, my old man, my bro and my best friends … and we’ll drink too much probably!” she laughed.

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In another appearance on the same day, the star refused to say that she felt any different after losing 45 kilograms (seven stone, 98 pounds).

Speaking to Gloria Hunniford on Loose Women, French, who did look significantly different, with wavy, sideswept hair rather than her trademark heavy fringe, said that she still went up and down a bit in weight, so didn’t feel any different at all.

“Even when you look in the mirror and you’ve dropped all that weight and your face is thinner?” Hunniford pressed her, clearly expecting a comment about the weight-loss having revolutionised French’s life.

But French wasn’t having any of it, saying that she never had a problem with her previous size.

“See, I always liked the old Dawn to be honest, and I may go there again, who knows?” she answered. “It depends on how many doughnuts I eat.”

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Fans applauded French’s low-key approach to life.

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The star’s admirers were already pretty happy, having learned last month that French would reunite with long-time comedy collaborate Jennifer Saunders, of Absolutely Fabulous fame, to make a 30th anniversary Christmas special of French and Saunders. It will be the first time in a decade that the pair have teamed up for some sketches, which they started doing back in 1987.

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