Norfolk Island: five amazing experiences for your next visit

Oct 01, 2023
Norfolk Island is as rich in beauty as it is in history. Source: Shutterstock

Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best kept secrets. 

This picturesque island paradise has become a place that travellers dream of visiting, not just once, but time and time again.

With its pristine landscapes, idyllic beaches, and a past steeped in captivating history, Norfolk Island promises an unforgettable getaway.

With the announcement of our upcoming Anzac Day getaway to Norfolk Island (flying return from Brisbane next April), we’re taking a look at five of the region’s most interesting and captivating experiences.

The Progressive Dinner 

Offering a unique culinary journey that’s as delightfully delicious as it is diverse, the Progressive Dinner is a fond favourite for many Norfolk Island visitors. 

Joining a small group of fellow diners, you’ll head to a different family home for each of the meal’s three home-cooked courses. Each host will have a captivating story to share, giving you a whole new appreciation of Norfolk Island’s rich culture and history.

Spend a night as a convict

This dinner theatre experience will put you in the shoes of a convict landing on Norfolk Island in the late 1700s — but with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.

Slip into your convict clothes and join your commandant for a cheeky, lighthearted spin on island history. With feasting, singing, dancing, and a generous dose of bawdy humour, this is an experience you will never forget.

Lantern-lit ghost tour

For an eerie and thrilling look at history, this unique journey through the historic streets of the Olde Town offers a whole new perspective on Norfolk’s history and superstitions. 

This bone-chilling experience includes a visit to “Australia’s most haunted house” and a hauntingly informative cemetery walk, where you’ll hear stories ranging from strange and mysterious to downright bizarre. Come with an open mind and brace yourself for some good old fashioned intrigue!

Colleen McCullough’s home 

Take a captivating journey into the world of a literary icon and world-renowned author Collen McCullough, on this tour of her home of almost 36 years

McCullough and her husband created the luxurious sanctuary “Out Yenna”, that nurtured her creativity and served as the backdrop for some of her most compelling works. 

This unique experience allows fans of her work to be immersed in the world of their literary fantasies and intimately connect with McCullough’s world and legacy.

Anzac Day Dawn Service

Norfolk Island’s tranquil Emily Bay. Source: Supplied

At the break of dawn, amidst the serene backdrop of Emily Bay, the Anzac Day service on Norfolk Island unfolds as a profoundly moving and visually stunning commemoration.

Pay your respects to the fallen as the tranquil waters and breathtaking sunrise deepen the reverence of the sacrifices of those who have served their nation. 

The day’s itinerary is as follows: 

5:10am: Dawn Service at Emily Bay followed by gunfire 

10:30am: Vets and family representatives assemble at the Officers’ Bath for the march to the Cenotaph and mid-morning service with special guests. 

12-3pm: Special entertainment at RSL Club.

12:30pm: Grace is sung followed by lunch provided by the RSL Auxillary Club. 

3-5pm: A traditional game of two-up

The Norfolk Island Dawn Service is truly a poignant and profound way to honour the Anzacs. 

Ready to experience Norfolk Island?

Tick off all five of these experiences – and so much more – on a fully escorted Norfolk Island roundtrip departing Brisbane next April 2024. Call Travel at 60 (for the cost of a local call anywhere within Australia) on 1300 414 198, or request a quote here.

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