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‘We’re loving every minute’ — Seasoned caravanners Rob and Gloria share their beautiful 14-year journey

Jun 05, 2024
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The idea of embarking on a road trip in a caravan can be daunting for those who aren’t used to the nomadic lifestyle. However, it’s sometimes those imperfect moments that make for the best memories to last a lifetime.

When Rob and Gloria first started out, they slept in swags on the ground and could feel every rock. On their second trip, they only had a tarp — but after buying a caravan, their legendary journey has only taken them to the most delightful of places.

“We’ve been traveling with our caravan now for nearly 14 years and loving every minute of it.”

Along the way, Rob and Gloria have found a regular ‘home away from home’ at various Discovery Parks across Australia.

With regular activities such as pizza and music nights, there’s often an opportunity to enjoy a few drinks and get to know their fellow travellers.

“We’ve met a lot of lovely people in Discovery Parks,” says Gloria, “and they quite often turn out to be good friends too.”

Like all guests at Discovery Parks, Rob and Gloria have the freedom to be as planned or as spontaneous as they like. It’s an ideal home base to embark on new adventures, discover new places and share these experiences with the people around them. The couple are also full of praise for the friendly staff, who have always gone out of their way to ensure they’re safe, comfortable, and leave each park with more than what they bring in.

This is as true as ever of Discovery Parks – Bunbury Foreshore, where Rob and Gloria are currently enjoying the convenience of a large powered caravan site with a similarly spacious ensuite.

Guests at Bunbury Foreshore can indulge in the gourmet delights of the Geographe wine region, meet a plethora of animals at Bunbury Wildlife Park, or enjoy a delightful stroll along the Mangrove Boardwalk.

Even within the park itself, the couple have found much to love. “We’ve got the ocean on one side and the inlet on the other,” says Gloria. “We’re hoping Rob can [catch] some fish later.”

While the couple appreciate the facilities — including the laundry, swimming pool and tennis court — they’re especially drawn to the secure, family-friendly atmosphere ideal for bringing grandkids along.

“They can just ride their scooters or bikes around,” says Gloria of the visiting kids — who have many nearby bikeways to explore, not to mention a large shipwreck-themed splash park to enjoy next door.

Even within the park itself, the spacious grounds give parents and grandparents huge peace of mind, with kids free to enjoy some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

“It’s safe,” adds Rob. “That’s the most important thing.”

It’s a wonderful example of the friendly atmosphere and warm home comforts Discovery Parks offers at each destination — and with more than 85 locations across the country, even seasoned nomads like Rob and Gloria have barely scratched the surface.

Watch more of Rob and Gloria’s inspirational story below:

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