Onboard Credit: All your questions answered

Used wisely, onboard credit can be the difference between a good cruise and an epic one. (Photo: Princess Cruises)

Are you excited about an upcoming cruise holiday, but worried about how you’re going to fund all the extras that will make your time at sea even more memorable?

Onboard credit (also known as OBC or onboard spending money) is the key to unlocking extra value on a cruise without digging any deeper into your pockets. 

We’ve partnered with Princess cruises to answer some of the most common questions around this special onboard currency.

How do I get onboard credit? 

Your cruise line may offer you onboard credit at the time of booking a cruise — usually as part of a promotion or sale. 

A travel agency can also secure you extra onboard spending money — in addition to the above — during selected sale periods. Travel at 60, our dedicated online travel service for over-60s, will run week-long sales on Princess cruises, during which most bookings will qualify for extra credit. So be sure stay in-the-know on upcoming sales by subscribing to Travel at 60’s newsletter. 

Princess Cruises will also give you extra credit as a bonus incentive if you make a Future Cruise Deposit. This is a booking you can only make when while on board a Princess ship; essentially a chance to lock in your next holiday before you’ve finished your current one.

CHING! I’ve got my onboard credit. What can I spend it on? 

Now is your chance to enjoy some guilt-free indulgence on your cruise without blowing your holiday budget. 

If you’re on a Princess cruise, this is what your bonus onboard credit can be used for: 

  • Shore excursions. If you haven’t made your own arrangements for exploring a port, a shore excursion is an easy way to take in some local culture, flavour, history and adventure. As it’s arranged through your cruise line, you can also enjoy extra peace of mind: your ship will wait for you even if your tour runs late.
  • Beverages. What’s a holiday without a decadent cocktail or premium glass of wine? If you don’t already have a beverage package using your onboard credit is a chance to splash out and order something exotic. Remember: this isn’t just alcoholic drinks, but also premium juices and specialty teas and coffees (and if you’re a serious coffee connoisseur, you may find yourself wanting to spend that little bit extra for the barista-made options).
  • Specialty dining. While Princess ships include a wide variety of dining and room service options in your fare, there are several extra-special options that will
    cost you more. Onboard Credit is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself. Premium options on board include refined steakhouse The Crown Grill, Italian trattoria Sabatini’s, seafood restaurant The Catch, Mediterranean mecca 360, sushi bar Kai Sushi, and so many more. 
  • Onboard shopping. Featuring products from top European and American designer brands and local destination products, Shops of Princess offer world-class shopping at sea. Whether you are looking to buy a keepsake from your trip or splash out on luxury items like jewellery, a handbag or perfume, your onboard credit can be used to purchase some of the finer things you’ve had your eye on. And you’ll get up to 30% off retail prices!
  • Blissful spa treatments. Use your onboard credit to get pampered at the onboard Lotus Spa. Choose from a variety of treatments and then unwind in the Thermal Suite relaxation area, steam room or sauna. 

Should I worry if I don’t have onboard credit? 

Not at all. You can still experience everything a Princess Cruise has to offer the old-fashioned way with cash or credit card. 

Can I spend my Onboard Credit before I board the ship?

This is a commonly asked question! For most items, onboard credit can only be spent once you’ve boarded the ship. The only exception is booking shore excursions, which can be booked in advance. We recommend booking these ahead as very often tours, especially the popular ones, sell out well before the ship has set sail.  

How do I pay for my shore excursion with my onboard credit? 

To book your shore excursions simply log in to your Cruise Personaliser, the online hub you’ll receive access to once you’ve booked your cruise. 

Add your personal details and click on the excursion you want to book. 

On checking out, Princess will automatically apply your credit to the payment due UNLESS you uncheck the “onboard credit applied” box on the reservation summary screen. 

Are there any current Onboard Credit sales running?

From now until 14 March, Princess is offering onboard credit with selected departures when booking a balcony cabin or above. You can browse their most exciting upcoming Australian departures here. 

Stay updated on future onboard credit promotions by subscribing to Travel at 60’s newsletter or keeping an eye on the Princess Cruises page for featured deals. 

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