A lavish afternoon tea aboard the Queen Mary 2

Boarding a Cunard ship can feel like stepping a century back in time and entering a more refined age of ocean travel.

The traditional afternoon tea is one such throwback to a bygone era of ceremony.

Every afternoon on the fleet’s four ships — the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Anne — the live classical music begins and white-gloved waitstaff enter the Queens Room with a lavish assortment of sweet and savoury offerings. This daily indulgence is free for all guests.

We recently had the opportunity to board the Queen Mary 2 during her annual stop by Australia to film this delightful ritual up close.

Watch the video here:

Everything about the event says “class”, from the ballroom-style atmosphere of the Queens Room to the fine bone china teacups and plates. 

The menu changes each day, delivering surprises on even the longest itineraries. Popular staples include scones, finger sandwiches and a variety of patisserie offerings. (For even more variety, the upcoming Culinary Journey on the Queen Elizabeth will feature an afternoon tea takeover by celebrity dessert chef Darren Purchese, who will bring some truly unique and quirky signature dishes to the table.)

There are no dress restrictions for afternoon tea, but you’ll likely find many guests eager to embrace ceremony and dress up for the occasion.

A closer look at the Queen Mary 2‘s art deco delights

While other guests were wrapping up their tea, we took the opportunity to explore this beautiful ship further and live stream it to the Travel at 60 Facebook page:

Want to experience this old-fashioned elegance for yourself? 

Australian travellers get the opportunity to cruise the Queen Elizabeth every summer, where she runs a series of close-to-home voyages (usually departing Melbourne or Sydney) over several months. 

Visits from the Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 are more fleeting. The Queen Anne, the newest ship in the fleet, won’t reach our shores until her maiden round-the-world voyage in early 2025.

Travel at 60 (our dedicated travel agency for Australians aged 60+) currently has a huge range of Cunard cruises on offer. For those looking for an extra touch of luxury and comfort, this includes some amazing last-minute discounts on suites, though these aren’t expected to last long.

Phone 1300 414 198 for a quick quote on any Cunard voyage, or browse upcoming departure here.

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