The nostalgic delights that make us smile

Feb 25, 2024
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It’s a time in our senior lives for nostalgic reminiscing. Enjoying happy thoughts can bring smiles to our ageing hearts. While I was at the supermarket the other day, I chanced a container of good old Neapolitan ice-cream. It did bring a smile to my eyes, delicious.

In another century, I was marched in a cross-cultural wedding. To show allegiance to being a novice Italianate in Melbourne, I used to purchase Neapolitan ice-cream, just like this. At the same time, I had two young fur friends, my kitty cats.

For some reason, I inadvertently once gave each of them a blue china dish of chocolate ice- cream. So, delighted by this delectable dessert, they both regularly lined up for sweets after their fishy dinner. Being mere humans, we were regarded as furless can openers. The providers of all nosh only got to eat the inferior crud vanilla side of the Neapolitan. My little cats ate all the good bits!

Some people might regard me as submissive doormat, pleasing everyone, including my pets. I can still smile at this nostalgia, this time for another feline who adopted me. His main philosophy in life was ‘food before dudes.’ One afternoon tea time, he ascended a chair in polite company, showing exquisite good manners .He thoroughly enjoyed his plate of cream cake. He head butted me in gratitude.

The next day, and all his days thereafter, my male fur boy hopped onto his chair. At that same time, he awaited his plate of afternoon tea. Fat, boy, fat. His personal cushion was soon adorned with cat fur. I must say all my pets lived to a ripe old age, and never once ran away from home. They were devoted to all sustenance and cuddles.

Yes, it’s a good time for nostalgia, as I relish this bowl of Neapolitan ice-cream, slathered with chocolate sauce. Full of delight, very sweet. This next recollection also brings smiles to my ageing. The gifts are in the giving, believed my little doggie I did own. Despite being a neutered female, she thoroughly expected, and received, most Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts. “Gimme, gimme, gimme!’ was her approach to everyone else’s birthdays and Christmas. “How sweet!” she thought, tucking into most birthday meringues and cream cakes.

This is definitely a good time for nostalgia, indeed. Our pets do bring us endless unconditional love and companionship. They are always glad to welcome their owner for a petting and a cuddle.

Yes, senior shoppers can still locate Neapolitan ice-cream. These days, I all retired from pet therapy. I am a bit old to walk or clean up after a dog, and might have developed allergenic reactions to cats and their kitty litter. But I can still enjoy this happy hour of nostalgia.

After this sweet delight, I headed off for a late shower. In my browsing in the supermarket, I also noticed some long gone talcum powder. Yes, some varieties are still available, for us old timers. Was this your habit too? After washing, or even to refresh on a hot day, to plaster kids or ourselves with talcum powder.

The aroma and sensation of talcum powder was so familiar and soothing. Unfortunately, talcum powder is now the subject of a giant class action of litigation, across the globe. Agreed, talcum powder is messy, can be inhaled, but most of us are still here. I am not quite game to buy talcum powder again. I can still imagine the comforting feeling of good old talcum powder. I passed on purchasing that item too. Just seeing some available did provide a glimpse of nostalgia. What brings smiles to your boomer ageing hearts?

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