Is this what is meant for ya?

Dec 22, 2023
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I reflect on times past. My gal pals and I are the eggs that stepped up to the plate. We visited our geriatric relatives, in their own homes and nursing homes. We should all live so long!

The folk in their twilight years decided there was nothing too much wrong with being an octogenarian anyway. But, one by one, they went to their forever homes, eternity summoned. But along the way, they all developed pugilistic dementia. I do not quite know if this is what is meant for ya! Or anyone at that age.

No, the feisty octos were by no means sweet little geriatrics, blessing their loved ones with kind pearls of wisdom from the lips of our elders. As a group, they went down swinging, even tiny little grandmas. It was definitely not pretty. They descended from being naughty with the geriatric nurses, to pugilistic dementia.

They all knew which fat daughter had chosen their nursing home, and saved their best right hook for them. So, the world turns and keeps on turning. Sooner or later, we shall take our place in the twilight zone. I do wonder how the population experts are going to fund and allocate any need the boomers for any need for nursing home beds. I hope if I live so long, to pass that way with some grace and dignity. We must always be kind to the one with the medical powers of attorney, as they will choose our nursing home.

Maybe the systems will change, due to the sheer costs and demands for beds for geriatrics. I can envisage a future ahead, where we shall be allocated a geriatric fit bit, with checking of our vital signs, and any collapse potential. We might be monitored by one geriatric robotic nursing monitor, somewhere central. We shall have a personal alarm, for any emergency, in case we go A-O-T.

Our housework and washing will be completed and kept sparkling by some efficient customised robots for chores. All ultrasonic, of course, using minimal demands on power and water. Our foods will be home delivered frozen meals, calories checked, and consumption checked. Pets would be either robotic or static fluffy toys, saving tripping hazards. Or whatever the next generations will invent next if they haven’t already. In the meanwhile, the boomers have got all this in front of us. None of us know the hour or the day. We are the survivors, ageing is part of our process. We must not worry too much, I guess. I must say we silvers these days do come from some very tough stock. I do not know what your Family Circle magazine is like. We boomer chicks all did our best, our hearts are still in the right place.

Best to be kind, supportive, and positive. We must make our peace with the whole being here. The geriatrics we cared for have headed off on their journey that continued, depending on what any individual believes. As part of our gal pals and platonic friendships, we can reach to each other, and be the cheer squad. Yes, old age is catching up with us all. As a new day dawns, we can still use any gift we have for each other, and for the whole greater good, in a minor way. We can all enjoy some kickback days in our golden years, kick start our day by manifesting some acceptance and focus on today. I guess there is no turning back, we are all only here for a little while, as we reflect on days now gone. Those days were not funny with the elders. Pugilistic dementia, is this what is meant for ya?

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