Finding your ‘retirement mission’

May 16, 2023
Turn the things you love into your 'retirement mission'. Source: getty

While I sit here, meditating on the sunbeams of the day, I wonder about the ways we seek goals in this retirement age. It’s helpful if we reflect on a mission for our senior years. What is yours?

This might sound as if I’m being more religious than the pope (!). I have decided my retirement mission incorporates faith and literacy. Without preaching too much, this works for me. With whatever talent I have as a writer, I became a published author online. I write devotions, and I like blogging. I do write some short novels, using my pen name. Some have a message, and some are children’s novels, such as my little witch series. Smashed it!

As well as that, I dabble privately in tutoring adults and secondary scholars in English. No one’s future is their past, but I’m not advertising as a Maths tutor again at this stage. Educators can learn from every student. Each has a fresh and unique way of looking at the world of the future. Their goals become my goals. It’s very interesting. 

These pursuits provide a sense of purpose in my retirement age. As I sit here, I can reflect on my blessings. I like to live a simple life, but I do have some first-world privileges. I’m a solo nester, have a good family background, and had an excellent education. In those days, I won scholarships and had access to free tertiary degrees. 

I do possess a coffee maker, as well as a laptop. A kind friend gave me her spares. So I have some lovely quality friends, much appreciated. Some of my past students still regard me as their great aunt Maud, a listening ear. Some pride can be a positive emotion, I am very proud of their achievements. They are always welcome for coffee and a laugh. 

The real treasure in life lies in our kindness to each other and the world around us. Yes, today my goal is to aim for a simple life in the slow lane, crossing bridges as they happen. Anyone can believe in what they like in our lucky land. Our democracy is our blessing. I like to believe in a power that is greater than any individual on our beautiful planet. But believe what you choose, that’s true freedom.

Here in my city, there is a patch of peace. Another day, another massacre in the USA. Dreadful news. Some might say, slow news here in Oz is good news. In addition to this largely peaceful city, our great zoo has had three baby elephants! Bred in captivity, our elephants show the most fertility. This is one of my current retirement mission goals before I get too much older, I’m aiming to get to the city zoo for some photo opportunities. Yes, we have three baby elephants, adorable, doing delightful japes. Talk about cuteness overload!

I guess anyone can be too religious. It’s only part of my beliefs. A wise person might say it’s okay for us all to be human, mere mortals. It’s good in retirement to wake up smiling, and hope for a slow news day forever!

Brush away any past cobwebs, look for sunbeams. That is my retirement mission, what is yours? 

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