6 books you need to read if you’re going through a grey divorce

Nov 26, 2023
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Going through a grey divorce? Want to get some insights on how to cope with divorcing at a later stage in life?

Ella Hickman from Hickman Family Lawyers in Perth has put together a list of 6 helpful books to read if you’re going through a grey divorce.

Gray Divorce Stories: The Truth About Getting Divorced Over 50 From Men and Women Who’ve Done It

There’s no better way to prepare for a grey divorce than to get advice from people just like you who have gone through it and have come out unscathed, or even feeling stronger than ever before.

As the title states, you get real-life grey divorce stories, with real people telling it in their own words. They talk of the anxiety, the fear, the anger, and all the emotions they faced and how they handled their challenges.

You’ll find much inspiration reading about the mistakes they made and the joys they experienced when they overcame each problem. Many issues you’re probably facing right now are all covered here. From the initial shock of being served divorce papers, to dealing with your adult children, the legal wranglings and financial adjustments and even dating again.

Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain from Mid-Life Splits

Based on the experiences of men and women who divorced late in life, this book reveals and analyses the reasons for this rising trend, the challenges they face, and how they are affected, emotionally, socially, and financially.

The author delves deeply into the negative and positive effects for both men and women and how and why men tend to be more affected socially, while women are often affected economically.

The author also discusses the benefits and independence that many couples divorcing after the age of 50 may get to enjoy. Valuable advice is on every page, also suggesting policies that can to be applied to ease some of the challenges for newly divorced retirees.

Divorced After 56 Years: Why Am I Sooo Happy?

A most humorous book for such a serious subject, the author, very cleverly, relates her 56-year old marriage to a jar of peanut butter. When you first open it and take a bit with a butter knife, the jar is clean and tidy, but as you dig deeper it starts to get messy with gobs sticking to the sides, until at the end, you scrape the last remains, lick your fingers, throw away the jar and buy another one.

In between the humour, you’ll find loads of advice helping other divorcees avoid making the same mistakes she made, at times having you believe that the book was written specifically for you.

Dealing with all the problems faced by divorcees, she covers financial, emotional, and social issues in such a positive way, that you may end up looking forward to starting your new life as a single person. And that was the author’s ultimate aim – mission accomplished.

Life Has No Expiration Date: Misadventures of a Single Senior

Written in the same vein as the previous book and packed with wisdom and even more humour, the authors have compiled a collection of essays on divorce, making the reader look forward to turning the rest of their lives into the best of their lives.

This book will have you in stitches as you drift through the various stories of divorced seniors doing their thing in their dating and hilarious travelling misadventures. It may be just the book you need to face your grey divorce and start creating a happier future for yourself. The main message is that there IS life after divorce, no matter what your age.

Post-Divorce Bliss: Ending Us and Finding Me

Packed with practical knowledge based on her own experiences and written in an honest and easy-going style, this book is a must-read, for all women struggling to come to grips with life after the end of a long marriage. It will resonate even more so with women who haven’t initiated the divorce.

Sharing eight techniques the author developed, she helps bring out the strength that is inside of you, putting the painful memories behind you and start living the life you always dreamed of. She helps you deal with the initial shock, the grief that always follows, and the steps to take in order to regain your confidence and break free to the post-divorce bliss that awaits you.

The Mindful Divorce: How To Heal And Be Happy After Separation

Written in the middle of the Covid pandemic, the author focuses on the mental strength and resilience that is absolutely crucial in dealing with the trauma and challenges of divorce.

Based on his own experiences, author and life coach James Brian gives insight on how to regulate your emotions, reduce stress, and build up the confidence to provide the mental clarity for you to make the right decisions, and thus avoid negative and often costly consequences.

By providing clear guidance, tons of practical information, and applying just one simple daily exercise, the author has helped many people emerge from the painful doldrums of divorce to lead perfectly happy lives.

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