The reasons you are more likely to fear spiders

What do you do when you see a big huntsman spider?

There might be a normal about of caution when it comes the eight-legged beasties, but new research has had some interesting findings. If you are one of the five per cent of the country that suffers from arachnophobia than you might jump or scream. You are also 90 per cent likely to be a woman.

New research by the University of New South Wales has discovered that your fear of spiders might have nothing to do with being a “woman thing” no matter what your partner might say. The experts looking into it have discovered that it could have to do with female sex hormone. They discovered this while trying to help people with their arachnophobia through exposure therapy.  They also found that women who didn’t respond to the exposure therapy had a lower level of the sex hormone which might lead to treatments in the future.

Many people have a crippling fear of spiders and living in a country that has more than its fair share of them some might want to do something about it.  This research could make a giant step in doing just that.

How do you feel about spiders? Do you not have a problem with them or will the sight of one send you running?

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