‘The perfect choice to receive the baton’: Neil Mitchell’s 3AW replacement revealed

Sep 04, 2023
Mitchell's last broadcast will take place in early December, with Elliott set to take on the role from mid-January. Source: Nine for brands/ Getty Images.

A changing of the guard is underway at 3AW Mornings with the longstanding Neil Mitchell set to be replaced by Tom Elliot after the former announced he would be stepping down from hosting duties after more than 30 years on the air.

Mitchell made the announcement that he was hanging up the mic in a statement on Friday, September 1, telling his loyal fanbase that it was a “tough decision to step away from the daily program” and the “best job” he has ever had.

“Apart from my family, this has been my life and it has been a huge privilege,” he began.

“When a radio audience allows you into their lives you can’t help but feel the responsibility and the honour.

“As a broadcaster you cry with them, laugh with them, get angry as they do, and always fight for their interests.

“I have been acutely conscious of that privilege of the microphone every day I have been on air for over 36 years. It is a tough decision to step away from the daily program. It is the best job I have ever had.

“But I promise I will continue my philosophy and attitude through this new role. It is one I have crafted carefully with the approval of 3AW and Nine management because I want to continue to have an impact and continue to work for the audience as the media landscape changes.”

It can now be revealed that Elliot will succeed Mitchell behind the 3AW Mornings desk after the station announced a major shake-up to its current lineup of talent.

“It’s a huge honour to succeed Neil Mitchell in hosting 3AW Mornings,” Elliot said.

“Ever since I started at the station in 2002, Neil has been the gold standard for how to host this iconic talkback show. I have always looked up to Neil, and cannot wait to talk with the Mornings audience in January 2024.”

Elliott started his radio career at 3RR in 1993 and has been a strong presence in the Drive slot for the past decade, having built a dedicated following and consistently performed well in the ratings.

Station Manager Stephen Beers said, “Tom is the perfect choice to receive the baton from Neil Mitchell and build on his legacy of championing our listeners, holding politicians and business to account, and celebrating our great city of Melbourne”.

Mitchell’s last broadcast will take place in early December, with Elliott set to take on the role from mid-January.

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