The newly launched resource empowering older adults to navigate complexities of modern living with ease and confidence

Mar 25, 2024
Through this initiative, the NSW Government aims to empower seniors to navigate the complexities of modern living with ease and confidence. Source: Getty Images.

In a bid to alleviate cost of living pressures and provide greater support for older adults, the New South Wales (NSW) Government has unveiled a groundbreaking online resource hub tailored specifically for seniors aged over 65.

Launched on, the hub aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for seniors, covering a wide array of topics ranging from financial assistance to health and emergency preparedness.

With statistics revealing that one in six NSW residents falls into the senior age bracket, the necessity for such a resource cannot be overstated.

The hub consolidates information from more than 10 NSW Government resources, offering seniors a single platform to navigate through various support programs and services.

Among the highlights of the hub is the inclusion of the Senior Cards Discounts and Deals map, which catalogues retailers offering discounts to seniors, including those in the realms of healthcare, retail, and dining establishments.

Mark Higgs, NSW Government Digital Channels Executive Director, emphasised the significance of accessibility, stating, “The OneCX Program is making it easier for people to access the information they need, without having to understand or navigate the structure of government.”

“The new Seniors hub provides people over 65 one place to manage finances and manage everyday life, with information from 17 state and federal government initiatives.”

Seniors of all levels of digital literacy can benefit from the hub, which is available in multiple languages through online translation services.

Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, Jihad Dib, stressed the importance of the hub in mitigating the impacts of cost-of-living pressures faced by seniors statewide.

“Cost-of-living pressures are impacting people across the state, and having a central online resource tailored to seniors’ needs will help in finding assistance and advice,” Dib said.

“Our new online Seniors hub can help people locate nearby discounts and deals for the Seniors Card and the Senior Saver Card using an interactive map.

“We encourage any senior residents seeking information from the NSW Government to check the Seniors hub.”

The hub covers a broad spectrum of topics vital to seniors’ well-being, including:

• Managing finances – how to apply for a Seniors Card and guides on energy rebates.
• Household emergency plan – how to prepare for bushfires, floods and heatwaves.
• Health – how to maintain healthy bones, what to look for in symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
• Driving and transport – information on what is needed to renew a driver’s licence after 70.
• Housing and care – information about care and help at home, short-term care, and aged care homes.
• Life events – what to include in a will and information on power of attorney.

Minister for Seniors, Jodie Harrison, expressed her enthusiasm for the resource, stating, “This new Seniors hub is a great resource for seniors across NSW.”

“Instead of having to search around for information, this one-stop-shop offers Senior Card deals, discounts, and useful information on managing finances, having an emergency plan and latest updates on what is happening in the state,” she added.

“It’s important that we create an inclusive society for seniors. The NSW Government is committed to supporting them so they can age well and thrive.”

Through this initiative, the NSW Government aims to empower seniors to navigate the complexities of modern living with ease and confidence.

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