The best things about the 70s revealed

Nov 19, 2022
Remembering the 70s. Source: Getty

The 1970s was certainly an enigmatic and iconic era, with the likes of bellbottoms, vests, and barely-there knotted tops, fashion was at its peak as people boogied to popular beats.

It’s hard not to reminisce about the past, so when over-60s were asked “What was the best part of the 70s?” on the popular online forum of Ask Old People on Reddit, the senior community came together to remember.

“From a kid into teens perspective: The music, rock, dance/disco, easy listening, crooner, etc. The food at fast food restaurants was great and similar to what you’d make at home,” one user said.

“It was fun to be out and about as a kid all day with little concern for safety from any ‘bad people’. Weirdly I recall a warm golden hue to most things; lights, air, beaches, forests, mountains.”

“Hope,” another simply stated.

“There was a strong middle class and buying a house was the norm. Employers paid for most part of your health care. Factory jobs paid well and fought for employees offering better pay and better benefits.

“Parents felt safe letting their children play outside and ride their bikes or walk to their friends house across town.”

Others reminisced about a simpler way of life, where large buildings didn’t obstruct nature’s beauty and socialising come naturally.

“I remember friends or friends taking us to this AMAZING swimming hole deep in the woods somewhere. Nobody else was there, no infrastructure, no concrete, no paint, just raw nature,” someone said.

“The only thing there to make you think it wasn’t 10,000 years ago, were etchings in rocks of initials and a year, and they went back to the 1920’s. It was the true authentic swimming hole like you read about in a Mark Twain story.

“And big field parties where everybody would park their cars, tune the radio to WMMS 101, and open their trunks. Everybody was blasting the same incredible music when classic rock was at its absolute peak. Frisbees were everywhere.

“I doubt swimming holes like that exist any more.”

“People liked to talk to each other and spend time together in person. Socializing was something most people wanted to do and made efforts to do so,” another person added.

“A big thing for me was the ability to walk into a factory office fill out an application and be pretty much assured of a job.”

Overall, the general consensus was that it was “just an enjoyable time to be alive”, after the Vietnam war had come to an end.

“Simple but advancing. The hangover of the sixties without the rush of the yuppie eighties. A fun time to be young and starting adult life,” someone surmised.

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