Novak Djokovic ‘hungry’ for Grand Slam glory following first-round victory at Wimbledon

Jul 04, 2023
Novak Djokovic launched bid for eight Wimbledon title and 24th Grand Slam crown. Source: Instagram @wimbledon

Novak Djokovic, the insatiable Serbian tennis legend, is hungry for more than just a snack after taking to Centre Court during his first-round win against Argentina’s Pedro Cachin at Wimbledon.

After savouring a record breaking 23rd Grand Slam title at the French Open, Djokovic is ready to feast on the competition once again, eyeing an eighth championship title in a bid to become the fourth player in the history of tennis to win 8 or more Wimbledon titles.

As the tennis world queues up to praise him, recognising his phenomenal sporting achievements, the 36-year-old shows no sign of losing his appetite for success.

With a ravenous drive and a serve that packs a punch, Djokovic is set to serve up a Wimbledon campaign that will leave his opponents with a bitter taste.

“I don’t feel more relaxed, to be honest. I still feel hungry for success, for more Grand Slams, more achievements in tennis,” Djokovic told reporters during a press conference.

“As long as there’s that drive, I know that I’m able to compete at the highest level. If that goes down, then I guess I’ll have to face probably different circumstances and have a different approach.

“So far there’s still the drive. A few days after Roland Garros, I was already thinking about preparation for grass and what needs to be done. The tennis season is such that it doesn’t really give you much time to really reflect or enjoy.”

But the road to success is long and winding, with Djokovic admitting there are no shot cuts to becoming the best and that life as a tennis pro takes a toll on your body.


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“If you really want to have a chance and have a go at more slam titles, you need to maintain that concentration and devotion,” he said

“I want to try to use every Grand Slam opportunity I have at this stage where I’m feeling good in my body, feeling motivated and playing very good tennis, to try to get more.”

Djokovic’s triumphant 6-3 6-3 7-6 (7-4) win against Cachin kicked off his pursuit of defending his Wimbledon title.

This means the Serbian has now won a staggering 29 matches in a row at Wimbledon. His bid to gain yet another Grand Slam title this year will continue on Wednesday, July 5, where he is scheduled to play against Australia’s Jordan Thompson.

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