Kyrgios’ Wimbledon dream over as Djokovic secures finals victory

Jul 11, 2022
Following his loss, an exhausted Kyrgios was in awe at the level of play Djokovic exhibited during the match. Source: Getty Images.

Nick Kyrgios has missed out on winning his first grand slam title after losing to Novak Djokovic in four sets during the Wimbledon men’s final at Centre Court on Sunday, July 10.

In the highly anticipated final showdown, Djokovic recorded a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6(3) victory over Kyrgios at the All England Club. Sunday’s win continues Djokovic’s winning streak at the club to 28 matches, with his recent victory marking the first time he was won four consecutive titles at the tournament.

Kyrgios came out strong in the opening set, striking 14 winners and only four unforced errors.

However, an unshakeable Djokovic turned the tide in the second set, racing to a 4-1 advantage in the fourth game. Djokovic was able to further his lead and take control of the match from a distracted and frustrated Kyrgios, holding a two-set-to-love lead in the third set.

A composed Kyrgios secured a fourth-set tie but in the end, could do little to prevent Djokovic from securing his seventh career Wimbledon title.

Following his loss, an exhausted Kyrgios was in awe at the level of play Djokovic exhibited during the match.

“He’s a bit of a God,” Kyrgios said.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought I played well.”

When asked if his recent incredible run at Wimbledon had made him want to chase further tennis victory, the 27-year-old was adamant that he needed “a well-earned vacation after this one.”

“Absolutely not. I’m so tired, honestly,” he said.

“Myself, my team, I think we are all exhausted. We played so much tennis.

“So I’m just really happy with this result. It is probably the best of my career. Hopefully maybe one day I will be here again. But I don’t know about that.”

A humbled Djokovic was lost for words following his triumphant victory but managed to convey what winning the Wimbledon finals meant to him and those closest to him.

“I’ve lost words for what this tournament, what this trophy means to me, to my team, to my family. I have said this many times,” he said.

“It always has been and will be the most special tournament in my heart, the one that motivated me, inspired me to start playing tennis in a small little mountain resort in Serbia where my parents used to run the restaurant.

“I was four-and-a-half, five years old and I saw Pete Sampras win his first Wimbledon. I asked my mum and dad to buy me a racquet. And my first image of tennis was grass and Wimbledon.

“I always dreamed of coming here and just playing in this court. Then, of course, realising the childhood dream and winning this trophy. Every single time it gets more and more meaningful and special and so I’m very blessed and very thankful to be standing here with the trophy.”

Djokovic took the opportunity to offer his praise to Kyrgios, telling the Australian: “I really respect you a lot.”

“Nick, you’ll be back,” Djokovic said.

“You showed why you deserve to be one of the best players in the world, particularly on this surface.

“I think you are a phenomenal tennis player and athlete, an amazing talent.”

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