Simon Dorante-Day offers to ‘step in’ if King Charles relinquishes throne amid health battle

Feb 08, 2024
Dorante-Day has maintained claims of his royal lineage since 2005, asserting that he was born to King Charles and Camilla as teenagers. Source: Getty Images & Facebook/ @simondoranteday.

Simon Dorante-Day, the Queensland man who has long maintained that he is the alleged secret love child of King Charles and Queen Camilla, has declared his willingness to “step in” should King Charles decide to step down from his royal duties, following the monarch’s recent cancer diagnosis.

The revelation came as King Charles continues to undergo treatment, with Prince William taking on additional responsibilities in the interim.

Dorante-Day expressed his readiness to assume the role as the “next in line to the throne”, while expressing his hope for King Charles’ swift recovery.

“We spent the morning listening to the news reports, taking it all in,” he told 7News. 

“At the end of the day, I hope he does make a speedy recovery. I don’t want anything to happen to him – I’d much rather hear the truth about what happened to me come from his mouth instead of a DNA test.

Simon and his wife, Elvianna, have also stated their willingness to relocate to the UK and offer assistance if Charles steps down from public duties.

“If he wants a helping hand, I’m more than happy to step in. But he’s got to tell the truth first,” Dorante-Day explained.

“At the end of the day, when I prove that I’m their son, everything will change. I will be next in line to the throne, Elvie will be Queen. It won’t be Wills and Kate – it will be us.

“The implications are huge, and this is why they’ve spent so many years shutting me down.”

While expressing some apprehension about leaving Australia, Dorante-Day acknowledged that if the circumstances demanded it, he would be prepared to relocate.

“But you know, I’m feeling somewhat apprehensive all of a sudden as well – about the fact that we might have to move. Elvie’s all ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ But I’m thinking, ‘Do I want to leave Australia, leave this place?’,” he said.

“If I was told I’d have to leave, I’d be very reluctant because I love it here. But in saying that, if I had to I would go. I have serious concerns about what’s going on over there and I know there’s a lot of good I could do in the UK.

“Besides, we’ve never had a holiday away – a proper holiday. So a Commonwealth tour just might do nicely!”

Dorante-Day has maintained claims of his royal lineage since 2005, asserting that he was born to King Charles and Camilla as teenagers and was put up for adoption when he was eight months old.

In a previous statement to 7News, he mentioned engaging in a lengthy legal battle to compel Charles and Camilla to undergo a DNA test.

“This is a lengthy legal process and one I’m not giving up,” he told the news outlet.

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