Never slide into cold sheets again with this perfect set of winter sheets

Jul 15, 2023
Keep yourself warm with the perfect set of sheets this winter. Source: Supplied

When thoughts of sleep fill your mind at the end of the day, all you want is to feel the warm and comforting embrace of your bed.

However, during winter, there’s nothing worse than sliding into bed only to be met with the shock of cold sheets.

While there are things you can do to make your bedtime routine a little warmer like preparing a hot water bottle, there’s an even simpler solution that requires minimal effort and results in maximum payoff. 

It’s all in the right pair of sheets! And Aussies are loving the Bhumi collection of sheets which come in a range of materials depending on how much warmth you require. Here’s what makes them the top pick this winter.

It’s all about material 

The material your sheets are made of makes a world of difference throughout the year. 

Some fabrics hold different temperatures better than others, and in winter, you want a fabric that holds in as much warmth as possible, such as flannel.

Bhumi sheets come in sateen, linen, percale, jersey and flannel. And for this time of year, fannel sheets are the perfect pick. They’re made from thick, woven fabric (100 per cent cotton is best), creating a solid barrier from any frigid temperatures. 

Quality flannel sheets will have a delicious buttery feel to them from a brushing technique used. This technique not only makes the sheets soft but creates tiny air pockets which have an insulating effect, making them the optimal bedding option for cold weather.

And best of all, flannel sheets are a great long-term investment and are more durable than your average sheet – so you can re-use them for many more winters to come.

Sheets that not only feel good but do good

Source: Supplied

While it’s easy to purchase your sheets without thinking twice about how the material is made, sheets made from ethically sourced cotton not only make you feel good (inside and out!) but do good as well. 

Conventional cotton farming has had an undeniably damaging effect, leading to a need for organically grown cotton. 

On the other hand, these incredibly warm flannel sheets from Bhumi are sourced from small farmers who embrace sustainable and ethical practices, making them 100 per cent Fairtrade organic cotton. 

This means they’re also free from toxic chemical sprays and genetically modified seeds, creating the ultimate cosy sanctuary for your bedroom.

You can even have peace of mind that your sheets are chemical-free when choosing the design you like best – as all dyes used are water-based and approved by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).

An Aussie favourite 

From the quality and ethically sourced material to their thick and luxurious feel, Bhumi’s flannel range has been a 5-star hit with Australians looking to avoid the cold shock of sliding into bed in winter. 

“Loving my new flannel sheets just in time for the cooler weather. Warm but still breathable. Cozy and comfy” one happy sleeper wrote

“Bought the fleece sheets and love them! The colour and pattern are funky retro and the quality is superb. Love getting into bed now on a cold night” another person commented. While a third said

“Living in a cold climate area of Australia over the years I have purchased many makes of flannel sheet sets. These are far and away the best quality and feel I have experienced. I am looking forward to the matching quilt cover which I am about to order.”

And best of all, these incredible sheets come pre-washed so you can use them straight away – but as it is fluffy in nature and may lint, we recommend washing them first before using.

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