Seekers song plays in new Westpac ad about death of a lifelong partner

Jul 25, 2018

The next in the series of emotive Westpac ads has been released today and it plays directly into the hearts and lives of the over-60. The advertisement takes us on a journey through the lives of a long-married couple to the beautiful tune of the Seekers “I know I’ll never find another you”. 

In 30 seconds we enjoy their first moments, their love, their wedding, their growing family, their maturing and their grandparenthood, then their loss, and the beautiful moments of sharing at the funeral. It’s threaded with romance by a rather oversized and memorable mustache.   

The ad shines light on the real grief suffered in a partnership built over decades and offers help to customers at bereavement. It shows the bank’s move to care for customers and treasure the Australian culture of helping others in an otherwise challenging time for financial institutions who are in the spotlight with the banking enquiry.

In a banking industry that often promotes their worth to the young homebuyers and the perfect 2+2 families it is a breath of fresh air to see them seeking to understand and recognise older generations.

The ad is the second in a series of more societally important ads run in very high profile TV and outdoor slots.  The first was an ad that reflected on Australians that leant a helping hand when the country needed it over the 200 years of Australia’s growth, showcasing how Australians have been built to “help”. 

The first ad took viewers back into the 20s, and the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it then jumps to a woman in labour, showcases a wheelchair basketballer falling in a game and shows someone trying to escape from a sinking car. 

Eventually all of the people featured are helped by fellow Aussie.  All with the righteous tune of David Bowie’s “heroes” playing as background music. 

Take a look and tell us what you think of the new advertisement released today.

The previous Westpac ad about Australian heroes is here also.




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