The Princess of Wales targeted with ‘disgusting’ photoshop

Nov 18, 2022
Uk tabloid 'The Mirror' faces backlash for featuring a doctored image of the Princess of Wales on their front page. Source: Getty

A British tabloid has faced backlash for its decision to publish a “disgusting” photoshopped image of the Princess of Wales paying respects at a Remembrance Day service.

The Mirror’s coverage of the story featured a heavily doctored image of Catherine on the front page of the newspaper for all to see.

The Princess looked obviously different from her radiant self, leading shocked royal watchers to notice the significant changes to her face, where it appears the publication deepened the lines of her face and gave her large under-eye bags.

The photoshopped image is a stark contrast to the original snap of Catherine looking refreshed yet solemn as she honoured the fallen.

The UK publication has been slammed for its “disrespectful” photoshop.

This isn’t the first time the Princess has been the subject of “disgusting” photoshop, as an image of Catherine was used for an anti-domestic violence campaign in November 2021.

Doctored images of Kate Middleton with a black eye and bloody lip were use for a domestic violence campaign. Credit: Instagram/ alexsandropalombo

Harrowing photos of a beaten and bruised Kate Middleton were seen across Europe as part of a controversial campaign to end violence against women.

The photo, which showed the Princess’ face covered in cuts and bruises was put up at bus stops and buildings all over Milan and around the southern Spanish coastal town of Los Alcazares.

According to The Sun, Kensington Palace was unaware that the doctored picture of the Princess was going to be used for the campaign.

Catherine was one of a number of strong, high-profile women pictured in the campaign. Others include US Vice President Kamala Harris, Queen Letizia of Spain and European Commissioner chief Ursula Von Der Leyen.

The Italian artist responsible for the photos, AleXsandro Palombo, said that the images were intended to shock, rather than suggest that the women were victims of domestic violence.

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