‘Please William may I have a cuddle’: Prince William’s sweet moment with young royal fan

Nov 21, 2022
While chatting with military families, Prince William met three-year-old Blake Fearnley. Source: Getty Images.

Catherine, Princess of Wales may be known for her popularity with children, however, Prince William may be giving his wife a run for her money after he was spotted sharing an adorable moment with a toddler during his latest royal engagement.

William visited the RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire on Friday, November 18 to learn more about Typhoon jets and how base personnel keeps the aircraft in top condition.

While chatting with military families on the base, William was kindly handed a picture of Mickey Mouse by three-year-old Blake Fearnley which the future King promised to put on his fridge.

Not content with just a promise of his picture taking pride of place on the Wales’ fridge, little Blake requested a hug from William.

Blake’s mother Laura Fearnley said her son “followed him and said, ‘Please William may I have a cuddle’ and he did”.

Blake wasn’t the only one to share some quality time with Prince William, twins Abi and Steph Boland got the chance to chat soccer with the Royal and were also lucky enough to snag a selfie while sharing with William their love of the Prince’s much loved Aston Villa soccer team.

“He said we’ve got a good team and we’ll ‘have it’ next season,” Steph said after the encounter.

Although William enjoyed an adorable moment with several children during this recent engagement, it’s more often than not that his wife, Catherine, will steal the show for her sweet interactions with children.

The Princess of Wales recently proved that she is indeed worthy of the moniker of the “Children’s Princess” after sharing a sweet interaction with a “chatty” toddler during a recent Royal engagement.

As patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Princess Catherine was in attendance at the Colham Manor Children’s Centre in West London on Wednesday, November 9 to meet with families and mothers who were receiving mental health support after giving birth.

As Catherine prepared to leave the venue she was greeted by three-year-old, Akeem, who asked the Princess her name before adorably noting the poppy she had pinned to her jacket.

“Have you got a poppy?” the royal asked as she knelt down to chat with the child.

“No, I haven’t found one,” Akeem replied.

“Would you like mine?” Catherine offered.

“Yes,” he sweetly replied.

Catherine then offered the poppy to the toddler before asking if Akeem knew what the flower represented.

“Do you know what this is for? It’s for remembering all the soldiers who died in the war,” she explained.

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