Another blow for Prince Harry as King Charles removes his Remembrance Wreath from display

Nov 09, 2022
Source: Getty

King Charles has taken quite the public approach to remind Prince Harry that he no longer plays a role in the Royal Family after removing his son’s Remembrance Day wreath from its museum display.

Other wreaths from prominent Royal Family members are still on display, while Harry’s and that of his disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew, are now missing from the Poppy Factory.

UK press has reported that the move is the royal’s latest effort to “airbrush the Prince from royal history” since he stepped down from his royal duties back in 2021.

The move no doubt struck a cord for Harry as he is a British Army veteran who served in the military for 10 years. 

While neither the Poppy Factory nor Buckingham Palace has offered to comment on the whereabouts of Harry’s wreath, an inside source has told the Mirror that they “got rid of it”.

“Harry used to have his wreath on display in the centre’s old exhibiting area, but it isn’t anymore,” they said.

“We’ve got rid of it – and all the duplicates we kept too.”

The last Remembrance Day service Harry partook in with his family was in 2020. Source: Getty 

This wouldn’t be the first Remembrance Day hit Harry has taken from his family. Last year, Buckingham Palace refused Harry’s request to join, from afar, in the Royal Family’s annual Remembrance Day ceremony

According to The Sunday Times, the Duke of Sussex was denied permission for a wreath to be laid at the Cenotaph on his behalf. 

The newspaper reports that the request was denied because “he is no longer representing the monarchy”. 

It was also reported that Harry, was “deeply saddened” by the decision, a “sign that his official links to the Royal Family are permanently severed”. 

Despite this, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wore commemorative poppy pins and privately visited the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Remembrance Sunday, to honour those who died in the line of duty. 

Harper’s Bazaar meanwhile reports that the couple also placed a wreath on the cemetery’s obelisk with a plaque that read, “ In Memory of the Men Who Offered Their Lives in Defense of Their Country.”

The removal of Harry’s wreath follows his bombshell memoir announcement which is reportedly not holding back with its attacks directed at all members of the Royal Family.

Harry stated that his book has been written with “unflinching honesty” and promises readers a full “insight” and “revelation” into his life growing up in the public eye.

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