Relief for Aussie consumers as Woolworths announces price drop on supermarket essentials

Woolworths' price drop is available for three months from today, February 28 to May 28. Source: Getty Images.

Aussies who’ve taken strain under the ongoing cost-of-living crisis can breathe a big sigh of relief as Woolworths implements a widespread seasonal price drop on various fresh and staple goods ahead of Autumn.

The supermarket giant today announced it is slashing prices on more than 400 items by an average of 18 per cent to assist cash-strapped customers stretch their budgets a little further.

On the welcome price drop, Woolworths Supermarkets Chief Commercial Officer Paul Harker said: “We know our customers are looking for lower prices and offers to help them manage their budgets, and we want to help them to spend less when they shop with us.”

“This is on top of our 6,000 weekly specials and Low Price program. Customers can also enjoy great value in store with our wide range of own brand products which are 30 per cent less on average compared to similar brands,” Harker added.

Dropped prices will be available for three months from today, February 28 to May 28.

Items that will be costing less at the checkout include fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and seasonal staples.

Meat is back on the menu

Customers can stock up on protein for less on a wide range of meat products. Woolworths’ Meatballs 400g range dropped from $8 to $6 per pack (including Pork & Veal Meatballs and Beef Meatballs With Carrot Celery Tomato & Onion).

Price drops have also been implemented on roast pork leg (was $11/kg, now $9/kg), Woolworths Heart Smart Beef Stir Fry 500g pack (was $12, now $10), Woolworths RSPCA Approved Diced Chicken Breast 1kg pack (was $15.50, now $13) and Woolworths COOK Chicken Drumsticks Sweet & Smokey BBQ Glaze 1.4kg pack (was $10, now $9).

Don’t forget your greens

For nutritional balance, a wide range of salad bowls and bags will also see price reductions. The Green Goodness Salad Bowl 240g was $6.50 and is now $5.90, a Caesar Salad Bowl 200g will now cost $5 and Baby Leaf Spinach 120g is now $2,20 down from $3.

Other staples you can stock up on

Aussies can expect additional price drops on the following items:

  • Bertocchi Premium Boneless Leg Ham from the deli – was $31/kg, now $26/kg
  • Dynamo Professional 7in1 Laundry Detergent Capsules 45 pack – was $43, now $30
  • Dettol Protect 24-hour Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes 90 pack – was $13, now $7.80
  • Pine O’Cleen Multi Purpose Spray Varieties 750ml – was $7, now $3.50
  • Doritos Corn Chips Cheese Supreme 170g (was $4.80, now $3)
  • Spring Onions (was $2.80, now $2.50)
  • Woolworths Mashing Potatoes Bag 1.5kg (was $7, now $4.50 in NSW, VIC, SA, NT, ACT and QLD only)
  • Woolworths Royal Blue Washed Potatoes Bag 2kg (was $7.50, now $4.50 in WA only)
  • Woolworths Dutch Cream Potatoes Bag 2kg (was $6.50, now $4.50 in TAS only)

The ongoing cost of living crunch has caused much consternation among consumers.

While the relief of price drops is welcome, there are other ways that Australians, especially seniors on a fixed income, can get more out of their tight budgets. 

A survey conducted last year by Canstar Blue revealed shoppers are finding savvy ways to make their money go further at the supermarket. 

One of the key findings was that in previous years convenience was the main factor driving where people would shop. Canstar’s survey showed that 36 percent of people now spread out their weekly shop between different supermarkets in order to save some much-needed cash.

Additionally, some smart shoppers head to shopping centres that host multiple supermarkets all in one place.

Another clever trick people are using is to buy own-brand products over more expensive name brands. Canstar said these more wallet-friendly products tend to be on the bottom shelf as opposed to the more expensive items being on the top or middle where your eyeline is.

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