Queen Mary celebrates first birthday since rising to the throne with candid family pic

Queen Mary has celebrated her 52nd birthday by sharing a touching photo of her with her father. Source: Getty Images.

Demonstrating she is true to her roots, Aussie-born royal, Queen Mary of Denmark, has rung in her first birthday since becoming Queen by sharing a personal photo of herself and her father, John Donaldson.

The image was taken following a recent family holiday to Australia and shared on the Danish Royal Family’s official Instagram page.

It was captured by His Royal Highness, Prince Vincent, who accompanied his mother to Australia alongside his siblings, Princess Isabella (16) and Princess Josephine (13), his twin.

The image showed a relaxed, smiling, and makeup-free Queen Mary alongside her father.

“Her Majesty The Queen has a birthday and turns 52 today,” the caption read.

“On this occasion, the Queen has chosen an image of a special moment with her father from her recent trip to Australia in December. His Royal Highness Prince Vincent is the photographer behind it.”

Fans of the newly minted Queen were quick to wish her majesty a happy birthday and voice their appreciation for the touching image she shared.

“As an Australian we love Queen Mary and this photo is just perfect, a daughter with her beloved Dad and in just our Aussie relaxed way,” one person wrote.

“Warm and lovely picture. Truly touching. Congratulations Mary.”

“Happy birthday Your Majesty and so lovely to see that there is another great photographer in your family. A wonderful photo.”

“Just a Dad and his Daughter. Precious photo nothing more important than family,” commented another.

“Fantastic picture. Congratulations to the world’s sweetest and most beautiful Queen today – warm-hearted and beautiful Mary.”

The adored monarch turned 52 on Monday, February 5, just weeks after she ascended the Danish throne alongside her husband, the newly crowned King Frederik in a fairytale moment for the Australian-born royal.

As heir to the Danish throne, King Frederik ascended the throne after his mother, Queen Margrethe II, unexpectedly abdicated earlier this year. 

The revelation, made during the former monarch’s traditional New Year’s Eve speech, set the stage for Mary, to ascend as the next Queen of Denmark alongside her husband.

The former monarch reflected on her decision, citing a successful back operation earlier in the year that prompted contemplation about the future.

“The surgery naturally gave rise to thinking about the future – whether the time had come to leave the responsibility to the next generation,” she said.

“I have decided that now is the right time. On 14 January 2024 – 52 years after I succeeded my beloved father – I will step down as queen of Denmark.

“I leave the throne to my son, Crown Prince Frederik.”

The move officially placed then Princess Mary, beloved by the Danish public for her elegance, compassion and charitable endeavours, at the forefront of Denmark’s royal legacy.

Queen Mary has made history as the first Australian to take the title of Queen.



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