Princess Mary delights fans with heartwarming Christmas family video

Dec 07, 2023
The Christmas video has become an instant sensation, with admirers expressing their appreciation for the couple's rare insight into their family celebrations. Source: Getty Images.

In a gesture that has warmed the hearts of royal enthusiasts worldwide, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark have ushered in the holiday season by sharing a delightful Christmas family video, leaving fans overjoyed and eager to catch a glimpse into the royal festivities.

The video, posted on the official royal social media accounts, captures the essence of a truly magical Christmas at the Amalienborg Palace.

As the camera pans through the decorated room, Princess Mary kicks off the festive cheer by giving her eldest son, 18-year-old Prince Christian, a special ornament.

Twelve-year-old Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine hold red candles, while 16-year-old Princess Isabella adds some to the tree.

With a warm smile, Prince Frederik places ornaments on the tree.

Next, Mary, crouched down, points out a charming ornament with one of the family’s border collies beside her.

Prince Frederik and Prince Christian then shift the ladder to the other side of the tree as they hang red baubles at the top, with Mary gracefully holding the container, and Prince Vincent passing them to his brother and father.

“Christmas greetings from the Crown Prince family, who recently decorated the family Christmas tree in the Hall of Knights in Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg,” the family wrote.

Royal fans, who eagerly anticipate glimpses into the private lives of their beloved royals, flooded social media with messages of joy and gratitude.

The Christmas video has become an instant sensation, with admirers expressing their appreciation for the couple’s rare insight into their family celebrations.

“Just love seeing this having fun putting up the decorations,” one royal fan said.

“How lovely, we all love Crown Princess Mary in Australia.”

“Lovely to see the family together and so happy,” commented another.

“What a beautiful tree ! And it just looks lovely.”

The royal family’s festive video emerges as a beacon of joy and unity amid swirling rumours of a supposed affair between Prince Frederik and Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova.

The speculations reached a fever pitch when Lecturas Magazine released photographs alleging a romantic encounter between Prince Frederik and Ms. Casanova following their joint attendance at a Pablo Picasso exhibition in Madrid.

The recent unveiling of the festive video will hopefully quell such rumours and redirect the spotlight toward the heartwarming family moments captured within.

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