Princess Catherine’s ‘brave’ act that moved King Charles to tears

May 19, 2024
Princess Catherine and King Charles have always shared a close bond. But one particular move by the Princess left the King deeply moved. Source: Getty Images.

Princess Catherine and King Charles have always shared a close bond. The King reportedly regards Catherine as the daughter he never had, while she, in turn, treats him like a father.

Their respective battles with cancer have only strengthened their relationship, bringing them even closer together through shared support and understanding.

Deepening their connection was Catherine’s emotional video message in which she revealed her cancer diagnosis, the message reportedly left the King deeply moved.

“Charles was moved to tears by Kate’s stunning video announcement that she has cancer,” royal author Christopher Andersen told Fox News Digital.

“The King sees her as, in a word, brave. He also knows better than anyone that the future of the monarchy is, to a considerable extent, in her hands.

“She is not only the wife of a future king but the mother of a future monarch. Kate has also shown herself to be unswervingly loyal to the royal family and above reproach—things he can’t always say about other Windsors.

“Nobody understands more fully than King Charles just how difficult fighting cancer can be—the toll it takes emotionally and physically.

“The King has made it clear that whatever Kate feels she needs, she gets.”

The King’s respect for Catherine runs so deep that the Monarch has reportedly warned Palace staff and members of the Royal Family that any criticism of her will not be tolerated.

“There are those inside and outside the Palace who have criticized Kate over the years [before her diagnosis] for supposedly not shouldering her share of the royal burden, for not going to as many ribbon cuttings, hospital openings, and plaque unveilings as the late Queen Elizabeth II, the King, or Princess Anne, for instance,” Andersen said.

“It has always been Kate’s choice to prioritize her children’s well-being over royal duties. In the past, Charles has remained silent about this and allowed the sniping from the sidelines to continue. But no more. Now, the King brooks no criticism of Kate—period.

“Other royal family members and courtiers alike know that they risk being read the Riot Act by the King if they dare utter a negative syllable about Kate.

“Charles has also made it clear that everyone should stand down in terms of when and how she returns to a full public schedule.”

As Princess Catherine and King Charles navigate their battles with cancer, their mutual respect, unwavering support, and a shared understanding bind them closer than ever before.

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