Piers Morgan accuses Harry and Meghan of exploiting their royal titles following Nigeria visit

May 16, 2024
While many royal commentators have taken issue with Harry and Meghan's trip to Nigeria, outspoken media personality Piers Morgan took particular offence at what he claims is the exploitation of their royal titles. Source: Getty Images.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent visit to Nigeria has certainly stirred up a great deal of controversy lately, with the trip attracting considerable backlash from royal commentators.

Whether it be concerns about Meghan’s conduct, her choice to skip a prior visit to the UK, or the couple’s promotion of it as their “first official international tour” since stepping down from royal duties in 2020, the trip has generated a great deal of criticism.

While commentators took issue with the aforementioned and more, outspoken media personality Piers Morgan took particular offence at what he claims is the exploitation of their royal titles.

As Harry and Meghan wrap up their visit to the country, Morgan held little back when he took aim at the couple during a recent interview with Extra.

“They can do what they like, but I don’t like them doing it as an unofficial renegade royal family,” he began.

“The truth is, the real royal family right now, back here in England, are going through an awful lot of turmoil of all these senior members of the royal family, either dying literally or facing very serious health crisis.

“You have the Duke and Duchess of Montecito running around like a rival royal family trashing their family, trashing the monarchy, but wanting to exploit their royal titles. I think it stinks.”

Morgan has never shied away from his disdain for the Sussexes which gained considerable momentum after the pair stepped down from official duties in 2020.

The couple’s relocation to Los Angeles and continued public attacks aimed at The Firm certainly didn’t help matters.

Most recently Morgan criticised the pair for expecting to be “half in and half out” of the British Royal Family after Harry’s visit with King Charles following news of his cancer diagnosis.

“The claim that he is ready and willing to serve his country and his king is frankly an insult,” her said during a segment on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

“We all know what this is really about: Netflix is reportedly planning to pull the plug on Harry and Meghan’s $100 million deal… Spotify canceled Meghan’s dreary podcast. Without the royal links, the brutal reality is that Harry and Meghan are of no interest to anyone.”

Morgan pointed to Harry’s ongoing verbal assaults on the Royal Family in both interviews and his memoir, Spare, as ample justification for completely severing ties.

“Why on earth would you want to reconcile with someone like that?” Morgan demanded.

“The king should now return the favor and strip them of their tenuous titles and end this Sussex circus for good.”

With Morgan seemingly ready and willing to hold Harry and Meghan to account, one wonders what the controversial duo will do next to draw the ire of the British media figure.

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