‘It’s sickening!’ Internet divided over bizarre pancakes and gravy trend

People across the world have shared their favourite toppings on pancakes with some claiming they enjoy gravy on the treat. Source: Getty

A nice fluffy stack of pancakes with maple syrup and cream, or nutella with strawberries, will likely leave most people’s mouths watering – but a controversial savoury style dish has now left the internet divided.

While many gorged themselves on the delicious treat on Tuesday in celebration of Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, others were left scratching their heads when some people revealed they enjoy eating pancakes with gravy and other bizarre savoury additions.

Although it’s not uncommon to eat the treats with savoury toppings like eggs and bacon, or even sausages, the thought of pouring a sauce on top that is usually enjoyed on a roast has disgusted a large proportion of social media users.

A flurry of confused individuals expressed their disbelief that the two could be paired together – and for most lovers of sweet pancakes, it was a complete surprise that the controversial dish would even be considered.

“If I see gravy on pancakes today I’m going to be sick,” someone wrote. “It’s so sickening that people put gravy on pancakes,” a second said.

A third added: “I saw someone’s tweet earlier saying they like gravy on their pancakes and honestly I’ve been traumatised all day”.

However, a surprisingly large number of people loved the idea.

“Can’t beat pancakes with gravy and Henderson’s relish absolute fave [sic],” one person posted on Twitter. “Don’t really understand how anyone can slag pancakes and gravy off? Pure heaven on a plate,” another agreed.

A third added: “It’s pancake day! And yes I am that person who has ketchup on her pancakes! Or gravy!”


The different options for pancake toppings didn’t stop there with some even going as far as to suggest tuna is the way to go.

In an image that left many in shock, one person shared a snap of a tasty looking pancake filled to the brim with the fish.

“Pancake Day tomorrow. Can’t wait for my usual breakfast of pancakes with tuna – delicious,” they wrote.

On Wednesday morning the Studio 10 hosts decided to give the trend of pancakes and gravy a try, and it didn’t go down well. Each of the hosts was presented with the dish and appeared disgusted with one simple look at it.

“It looks like baby poo gravy,” guest host Richard Reid said, before unwillingly placing a piece of pancake in his mouth.

Meanwhile Joe Hildebrand refused to even try it adding: “I’m not touching that because I’m a man of my principles”.

What is your favourite pancake topping? Have you ever tried pancakes with gravy?

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