Outrage over Australia Post’s lost item auction

Nov 01, 2021
Australia Post has copped criticism for an auction of undelivered parcels. Source: Getty Images.

An online auction of lost parcels, advertised by Australia Post, has sparked a flurry of furious comments from people who are still waiting to receive deliveries.

The auction comes as Australia Post faces unprecedented delivery delays and public criticism following an increased demand on parcel deliveries due to Covid-19.

The items up for auction include LED televisions, drones, luggage, a number of first aid kits and assorted footwear.

The announcement of the auction sparked an outcry from many on social media with one writing, “You mean the stuff they lost or failed to deliver?”

“Uncollected or undelivered, went to post office today saying delivered on 16th, 4 days later not there???”

One questioned the legality of the auction.

“Where is Australia Post’s proof of ownership? Selling something that doesn’t belong to you is illegal.”

“At least rename it for what it is…UNDELIVERED GOODS AUCTION.”

“This is totally unacceptable. Most of these items were lost by AP and now they’re trying to sell them back to us. How disgraceful.”

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News that all measures are taken to ensure delivery of items when possible.

“If an item can’t be delivered due to incorrect addressing and can’t be returned to sender, it is sent to a Mail Redistribution Centre (MRC),” the spokesperson said.

“At the MRC, the item will be opened, catalogued and stored for two months. This catalogue is accessible by our contact centre team who will use it to reunite customers with their missing mail.

“If the two-month retention period lapses and the item hasn’t been claimed, all identifying markings are removed and the item will be auctioned with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to charity.”

The spokesperson said it was “rare” that a consumer would see their item at auction.

“Should a customer enquire about an item that they believe belongs to them, our National Customer Contact Centre will work with the customer and if proof or ownership can be established, the item is withdrawn from the auction and returned.”

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What are your thoughts on the Australia Post auction? Will you be snagging a bargain?

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