Olivia Newton John updates fans on cancer fight in uplifting post

"I know we will find a cure for cancer in my lifetime!"

Olivia Newton John has made a return to social media, posting an update on her second cancer battle – or “cancer to wellness journey”, as she calls it – to Facebook on Wednesday. 

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She confirmed at the end of May that she is battling the insidious disease for a second time, after beating breast cancer back in the ’90s. This time, the cancer had spread to her sacrum, a bone at the base of the spine, a discovery which was made by doctors treating her for what they thought was sciatica, a common back complaint. 

Newton John’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi posted a brief update on her mum recently, but this time it’s from the star herself, and she sounds to be in great spirits. 

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Hi Everyone!

This year the Wellness Walk and Research Run for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre IS especially poignant and personal for me. As you may know, I am currently on my second cancer to wellness journey — 25 years since my first one back in 1992.

Being on this journey again has brought me closer to what every patient and their families are going through at the ONJ, and what we need to do to help support them. It makes these events and the need to raise funds for the ONJCWRC even more important now than ever as we continue to raise funds for wellness and supportive care programs. In addition, we are continuing to include research in our fundraising campaign again this year.

I am extremely excited about the wonderful possibilities of our Research Institute. We have an ongoing program researching late relapse breast cancer, which is very promising and of course very close to my heart. The results of this research could have significant effects worldwide for women with breast cancer.

Lastly, I am really grateful for and touched by the worldwide outpouring of love and concern for me over the last few months. Thank you. I am feeling good and enjoying total support from my family, friends and my loyal fans. I ąm totally confident that my new journey will have a positive success story to inspire others! With your ongoing support of the ONJ and the Wellness Walk and Research Run, I know we will find a cure for cancer in my lifetime!

Thank you for donating to help make my vision become a reality!

Love and light,

Are you as confident as Olivia that a cure for cancer will be found in your lifetime?

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