Meghan Markle comes under fire as she ditches the UK to ‘discover her roots’ in Nigeria

The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly bypassing the UK and meeting Harry in Nigeria after the Invictus Games service. Source: Getty Images.

Recent reports suggesting that Meghan Markle will be bypassing the UK in favour of visiting Nigeria to “discover her roots” have drawn strong criticism from various camps.

The decision to avoid the UK, especially given husband Prince Harry will be commemorating 10 years of his Invictus Games on British soil next week, has not gone down well with royal commentators.

Harry will be attending a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sporting event he founded for wounded war veterans.

The Prince will attend the service solo, with neither Meghan nor any other members of the Royal Family expected to be in attendance. Harry will then meet up with his wife in Nigeria where they were reportedly invited by the country’s chief of defence.

GB News presenter Bev Turner was discussing this unexpected turn of events with Majesty Magazine editor, Ingrid Seward who suggested that the Duchess was more than likely planning to travel with a camera crew.

Turner agreed saying the trip would, “presumably have a Netflix documentary attached to it”.

Seward offered some insights into the couple’s movements, saying, “She’s going to apparently go to Nigeria with Harry, they’ve been invited there.”

“Because when she did her sort of DNA test, she discovered she was 43 per cent, Nigerian. So she wants to discover her roots,” she added.

Turner, could not hide her distaste for the Duchess accusing her of being the “ultimate narcissist”.

“She’s just the ultimate narcissist. If you had to write a character and what would they do, I know what they would do,” she said.

“They would look at their own DNA, they’d work out where they were from, they’d go back and look into their history. I mean, it’s always about her!”

Seward also offered up her thoughts on whether or not there would be a royal reunion while Harry is in the UK next week.

“I don’t think we’re going to see William and Harry together. But I do think that King Charles will make an effort to see his son. He’ll want to see him,” she explained.

“They’ll both be in London at the same time, I believe, because it’s the Prime Minister’s meeting. So there is no real reason why Harry shouldn’t see his father.”

While Meghan was heavily criticised during the interview, Seward did offer up some praise for Harry’s highly successful and impactful Invictus Games.

“Harry will probably want to take the main stage himself. This is his baby as it were,” she said.

“And it’s something he’s worked on very hard and perhaps one could say one of his few successes. So I think he will want to claim the high ground.”

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