Matildas captain Sam Kerr confirms her return to the field for do or die match

Jul 30, 2023
Kerr injured her lcalf the day before the Matildas' opening match and has not played since. Source: Getty Images.

In what will no doubt come as great news to Aussie soccer fans, Matildas captain Sam Kerr has announced her triumphant return to the field after missing the last two World Cup matches due to injury.

On the eve of the Matildas’ opening clash against Ireland, Kerr suffered a left calf injury that has kept her out of action ever since.

However, in a recent press conference, the striker confirmed that she will be available for selection when Australia faces off against Canada on Monday, July 31.

“I’m definitely going to be available,” Kerr told reporters.

“But how we decide to use that is not to be given to the opposition is the main thing.

“I would love to tell you guys everything but it’s a massive thing the opposition wants to know and as Tony (Gustavsson) said yesterday it’s going to go down to the wire.

“I had my boots on today, which was very exciting. I feel very excited about the day after tomorrow.”

After delivering the long-awaited good news of her return, Kerr opened up about the challenges she faced as a result of her injury.

“I’ve never had an injury like this before in my career,” she said.

“Normally when I’ve been injured it’s been a really big one where I’ve been out for months on end. It’s obviously disappointing and then I had to suck it up.

“I’ve been lucky enough over the last couple of years. I’ve always been on the pitch with this team. I’ve always had teammates that have not been on the pitch and supported me and got me over the line so that’s been my role the last 10 days and, to be honest, it’s an honour to be here.

“The most important thing is that I’m a good teammate and I support my team.

“I’m lucky to have a small injury compared to some other people.”

Kerr’s return to the field couldn’t have been more timely as Australia gears up to face off against Canada, following a recent defeat against Nigeria; with their World Cup hopes hanging in the balance, a victory is crucial for the Matildas.

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