Leigh Sales teases fans with new endeavour as she prepares for upcoming gig

Feb 28, 2023
Leigh Sales teases new project. Source: Getty Images.

As audiences eagerly anticipate Leigh Sales’ return to television screens, the veteran journalist has teased fans with details of her latest project.

As Sales prepares to take on the role of host for ABC’s Australian Story, she recently revealed to Now To Love how she has been spending her free time and how she has been keeping herself busy since stepping away from 7.30.

In addition to enjoying a much-needed break after more than a decade grilling high-profile figures as host of 7.30, Sales spoke of the new book she is working on.

”It’s a series of conversations with some of the country’s top journalists about the craft of journalism,” she revealed.

“It’ll be published later this year.”


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As if writing a book wasn’t enough of an achievement in itself, the 49-year-old has also been pursuing her musical interests.

”I’ve been learning the cello,” she said.

Explaining that she is “loving it so much”.

On a more personal note, Sales’ time away from the glare of the television studio lights offered her the opportunity to spend much more quality time with her children.

”I missed out on sitting down with my kids every night and cuddling on the couch while we watch TV together,” she said.

Sales originally made the announcement that she was stepping away from the 7.30 program on February 10, 2022, telling viewers she would leave the desk in June 2022 following the Federal Election.

The veteran journalist delivered her final show on Thursday, June 30, 2022 with an emotional sign-off after more than a decade of hard-hitting interviews.

Not long after stepping down as host of 7.30Sales delighted fans when she announced her new gig and her return to television screens as host of Australian Story.

Sales took to social media to share the news with her loyal fans, stating that she feels “lucky” to take on hosting duties for the “brilliant program” and that it was “very humbling” to be chosen as anchor given the show has only previously had one other permanent host, the first being the late Caroline Jones.

“I’ve got some news to share,” she told her fans in a video posted to Instagram.

“I am going to be, next year, anchoring the Australian Story program for the ABC.

“I’m so thrilled and excited about that because as you know it’s one of the most popular shows on the network.

“It’s such a brilliant program with such a history of making the most beautiful shows and telling the most moving stories.”

In a recent interview with ABC, Sales opened up about her new role, revealing that “it means a lot”.

“I’ve been spending recent weeks doing a deep dive into the Australian Story archives, suggesting program ideas, learning their workflows and meeting their team,” she revealed.

“The thing that most amazes me with Australian Story is how high the quality of the program has been for so long, and how much they do on so few resources. They are an incredibly talented and motivated team with terrific leaders.

“It means a lot to me to host this program, mostly because I’ve always thought it’s brilliant. I am also a huge admirer of the original executive producer, Deborah Fleming, and the original presenter, the late Caroline Jones. When I was 21 in Brisbane and just starting out, Deb gave me a shot at doing some stories for the local version of 7.30 and she was really helpful and encouraging, even though I was so green.

“She has kept in touch and been a great encourager all through my career. I think she did an amazing thing starting Australian Story. It was so far ahead of its time. Caroline was also the most wonderful source of support over the years, not just to me but to so many journalists. She was such a warm and positive person, always with a kind word or email. The current leaders, Rebecca Latham and Caitlin Shea, carry on the tradition admirably.”

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