“It’s so pathetic:” Piers Morgan blasts Disney for going “woke”

Apr 01, 2022
Piers Morgan expressed frustration over Disney's decision to cave to the woke mob. Source: Getty

Piers Morgan has expressed his frustration with Disney and their decision to go “woke” after the corporation announced they would be removing the use of gendered pronouns at their theme parks.

Appearing on the Fox News program The Five on Thursday, March 31, the outspoken host blasted the entertainment giants, calling them “pathetic.”

“You can’t go to a theme park and hear the words, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” What’s going on?” he told the panel.

“You’ve got this small group of very vocal, very woke people, very active online, and they bully companies into following their narrow world view.”

Morgan’s outrage comes after a video posted on Twitter showed Disney Diversity and Inclusion manager Vivian Ware discussing the company’s plan for a genderless theme park.

“So, we no longer say ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … It’s hello everyone or hello friends…We no longer say, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…We say, dreamers of all ages,” Ware said on a call.

This wouldn’t be the first time Morgan has shared his disdain for the multinational entertainment conglomerate. Just days prior, in his recent appearance on  Jesse Watters Primetime on Tuesday, March 29, Morgan voiced his concerns over the “unhealthy power” the woke movement has “over corporate America and media in America.”

“My message to corporate America is, ‘Be more like Netflix and Spotify, and less like Disney.’ Because you can’t bow to the mob,” he said.

Morgan continued to say these corporations need to “understand what free speech actually means,” defining it as tolerating “views you don’t agree with.”

Back in May 2021 Morgan expressed his thoughts on woke culture with a piece written for the DailyMail expressing how “the lunatic woke brigade” had put Covid-19 as secondary importance, choosing instead to take their “micro-aggression”, “mind-numbingly stupid wokery” and “whiny self-righteous ire” towards Disney’s Snow White’s  Enchanted Wish ride at the theme park in Anaheim, California.

The then newly renovated ride, which now ends with the movie’s iconic “true love’s kiss” scene, sparked public outrage with claims that the Prince was a sexual predator for not getting consent before kissing Snow White.

Morgan went on to write about how the “wokies” have “hearts of Graphene towards anyone that doesn’t conform to their intransigently intolerant joyless view of life.”

What do you think about Disney's new move?

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