How to transform your home into a stylish cat haven for you and your feline friends

Decorating your home with an aesthetic vision can be challenging when you’re trying to integrate pet furniture. Many pet owners often find themselves subject to the same grey litter box or same beige cat bed from Kmart.

However, Australian-owned cat supplies business Michu has you covered with sets of stylishly designed products that can add that joyful burst of colour into your life–and the lives of your feline friends!

Have a read below and get inspired on how you can revitalise your home with cat products that integrate seamlessly into almost every aesthetic.

Save 20% on these stylish litter boxes

These adorable mess-resistant litter boxes add pops of colour in three sophisticated variants: coral, boba and sage. A spacious and modern design helps this piece of furniture fit into any home, anywhere!

They also come with an optional cheeky mat and a versatile wooden lid that further reduces the chances of your furry companions making a mess. Plus, save 20% when you buy all three items in a conveniently arranged bundle!

Cat-themed furniture

Nothing says cosy and homey like this handmade luxurious comfort cat nest. These exquisitely designed beds offer warmth and safety in two distinct colours: daisy cream and avocado green!

And if you’re looking to craft a hidden corner of paradise for your cat that seamlessly blends into your home environment, check out this multi-purpose enclosure that can also fit most cats and litter boxes!


Keep your pets happy and hygienic with this discounted grooming bundle that comes with a brush and a shedding rake. Say goodbye to hairballs, loose fur and matted coats!

Add on an affordable LED light nail clipper that helps you trim your pets’ nails with more accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that your pets stay safe and unharmed in the process.


If you’re an on-the-go cat mum or cat dad, you may be looking for ways to automate your cat’s feeding schedule. This convenient and innovative wireless water fountain can solve all your problems and support your cats’ routine-oriented lives with timed releases and a stylish design that fits into any home and reduces the chance of messes!

Also, stay sustainable and budget-friendly with these optional rechargeable and reusable water fountain filters, made to keeps your pet’s water clean and fresh.

Automatic toys

Bring delight to all 9 lives of your feline friend(s) with these automatic and interactive toys, perfect for busy pet owners or those who just want to bring a little more fun into your home! Go hands free with these fantastic options:

  • This MeowMate cat toy was designed with safety and fun in mind; with flashing lights and automatic obstacle avoidance, it can keep your cats entertained for hours while satisfying their instinct to chase and play!
  • Interactive Treat Dispenser Tumbler: With a transparent storage tank for treats, this durable tumbler keeps your pet engaged with a visible goal in mind. Choose between a fuzzy or ball-shaped add-on!
  • Watch your cat pounce and play with this feathered rechargeable automatic cat toy box. This toy features a built-in motion sensor to keep your furry companion engaged and comes with a variety of replaceable feathers.

Cat Scratchers

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats love to scratch. It’s in their nature. Instead of letting them use your furniture or carpet as their scratching post, give them something specifically made for them. Cat scratchers can come in various shapes and sizes– from simple cardboard scratchers to cat trees with multiple levels of hiding spots.

Say goodbye to furniture ruined by cats! Get your own aesthetic cat scratcher tree today, and ensure happiness for both your cats and your living space.

About Michu

Michu is an Australian-owned and female-owned cat supplies business founded in Melbourne with the goal of revolutionising the market with sophisticated designs that seamlessly integrate into modern home environments.

With elegant products informed by the values of quality, innovation and style, Michu strives to deliver a fresh perspective on cat supplies and furniture in the market while striving to maintain environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.

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