‘He’s out there somewhere’: Anne Hegerty addresses mystery husband rumours

Sep 12, 2023
Hegerty opened up about the reference to an unknown "husband" that appeared on her Wikipedia page out of the blue, revealing that “he’s out there somewhere”. Source: Getty Images.

Anne Hegerty, the beloved “Governess” of the hit show The Chase, has come forward recently to address swirling rumours regarding her marital status.

In a recent interview with The Express, Hegerty opened up about the reference to an unknown “husband” that appeared on her Wikipedia page out of the blue, telling the publication that “he’s out there somewhere”.

For a number of years, the page has stated that the popular quizmaster is married to a man named Jake.

“My brother didn’t help because he said to me, ‘I want to meet this guy’,” she told the publication.

“I’m like ‘No. This is not somebody I know’.

“I imagine he exists.

“It’s too odd a name to make up. I imagine he exists and he’s out there somewhere.

“Either he vandalised the page or somebody he knows did.”

Hegerty is reportedly unattached at the moment, and during a recent appearance on Loose Women, she candidly revealed the qualities she seeks in a potential partner

“It would have to be someone who was intelligent of facts and reading books,” she said.

“It might not be a problem if he wasn’t necessarily into quizzing as long as he understood I was into quizzing.”

While Hegerty is currently single, she did recently open up about the close bond that exists among her fellow quizmasters on The Chase.

During a separate interview with The Express, Hegerty peeled back the curtain on her off-screen relationship with her fellow Chasers revealing a bond that is as strong as the competition that exists on the popular game show.

“We get on well,” she told the publication.

“If someone is having a bad time, if someone [a chaser] was losing a lot, we’d kind of be very reassuring because it could be any of us.

“And we do socialise a lot. Especially when Mark [Labett] is down. Mark is probably the Chaser I know best.

“When he’s filming there’s a restaurant we go to where they know us and people don’t eavesdrop.”

Hegerty even revealed the Chasers are all part of a secret chat group where they often air their grievances about the show’s producers.

“We have WhatsApp. We have one WhatsApp group that’s got the producers in and another one that hasn’t got the producers in so we can b**** about them,” she revealed.



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