Crown Princess Mary poised to redefine Monarchy with style and substance

Jan 07, 2024
Crown Princess Mary's has been praised for her strong work ethic, sincerity, and commitment to social justice causes. Source: Nikki Short/AAP PHOTOS.

Anticipation is running high in Denmark as the royal landscape undergoes a generational shift, with the poised Crown Princess Mary and her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, preparing to ascend to greater responsibilities.

Renowned author and palace expert, Thomas Larsen, expressed confidence in the Danish people embracing this change, highlighting the royal couple’s remarkable 85 per cent public approval ratings.

In discussing the transition, Larsen emphasised the importance of authenticity, advising the future monarchs not to mimic Queen Margrethe but rather forge their unique path. Speaking to AAP in Copenhagen, he underlined the significance of Crown Princess Mary’s linguistic prowess, attributing much of her popularity to her mastery of one of Europe’s most challenging languages.

”They should not try to be a cheap copy of (Queen Margrethe). They have to find their own path,” Larsen said.

”The key to making a close relationship with Danes is to be able to speak the language.”

Beyond linguistic finesse, Larsen praised Crown Princess Mary’s strong work ethic, sincerity, and commitment to social justice causes. He highlighted the impactful initiatives of the Mary Foundation, focusing on combating bullying and domestic violence, which have earned her widespread respect.

”She has been trying to make a difference and use her position within the royal family to improve the lives of others,” he said.

Søren Ravn Jensen, director of Denmark’s Christmas Stamp Foundation, attested to Crown Princess Mary’s genuine empathy and kindness during her regular visits as a patron. Describing her as a splendid Queen-in-waiting, he recalled instances where she engaged in childlike joy, bouncing on jumping castles and trading high heels for sneakers to play padel tennis with children.

”She’ll be a splendid Queen,” he told AAP.

In the world of fashion, Crown Princess Mary has not only graced the cover of Denmark’s premier women’s magazine, ALT for damerne, multiple times but has also become an icon for Danish women. Rikke Dal Støttrup, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, praised Mary’s ability to seamlessly navigate both gala events in long gowns and casual outings in jeans and sneakers.

”We immediately connected to her style, which was both classically elegant and contemporary at the same time,” Støttrup said.

”In a way, she can be considered the country’s biggest influencer.”

Despite navigating the challenges of ascending to royalty, Copenhagen University historian Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen anticipates that Mary will effortlessly transition into her role as Queen.

”She will continue very much as she is … serious. (Frederik) is the one who has to change,” Mr Olden-Jørgensen told AAP.

”He’s very down to earth … he will have to learn to exercise a bit more dignity and distance.”

-with AAP.

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