Police hit PVO against Melissa Caddick’s husband

Feb 10, 2022
An AVO has been taken out against the alleged fraudster's husband. Source: @tvtonightau/Twitter

Anthony Kelotti, the husband of alleged missing fraudster Melissa Caddick, has been served with a Personal Violence Order (PVO) in a motion to protect Isabella Allen, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) investigator examining his wife case.

According to 7News, the PVO comes as Koletti had allegedly sent Allen inappropriate text messages and engaged in social media trolling.

In an exclusive interview with TV programme Spotlight last October 2021, Koletti appeared to suggest it was Allen, and not his wife, who had turned him into a “victim.”

His statement contracted evidence that Caddick had conned $23 million off investors before disappearing.

Caddick, has not been seen since November 12, 2020, when she disappeared from her beachside mansion the same day corporate regulator raided her home, is presumed to be dead after the remains of her foot were discovered on the NSW South Coast.


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Caddick, an Australian financial advisor, is accused of fraudulently scheming over $23 million dollars worth of investor money which she allegedly spent on living a life of immense luxury. She was able to achieve this by allegedly deceiving her prospective investors and creating elaborate fake documents that indicated she had invested their money as agreed.

Multiple efforts are being undertaken in an attempt to garner back some of the money Caddick allegedly conned from victims. A number of her luxury cars will be auctioned off by Pickles Car Auctions on February 21.

Kelotti’s PVO will be heard in the Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday, February 23.

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