Bride’s ‘cold and selfish’ reason for excluding grandma from her wedding

Apr 07, 2024
The bride was slammed for being nasty and disrespectful. Source: Getty Images.

A bride has been met with an avalanche of backlash for the “cold and selfish” reason she’s excluding her grandmother from her wedding.

Taking to the online forum Reddit, the “selfish” bride said her grandma suffered from heart issues and worried her big day would be overshadowed if she suffered an episode on the day.

The bride tried to garner support from the forum and asked if she was the one in the wrong.

“Am I the asshole for not inviting my grandma to my wedding for fear that her heart issues will ruin it?,” she asked.

“I am getting married soon to my lovely fiance, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of controversy between my family for not inviting my grandma (early 60s) to my wedding.

“I already made it clear that I didn’t invite her cause of her heart issues, which already caused her to have a heart attack earlier in the year and I don’t [want] them acting up at my wedding again and potentially ruining the event.

“It’s really nothing personal, but both my grandma and her daughter (my mom) took it personal and made it an issue with my entire family.

“But at the end of the day, who I invite or not to my wedding and for what reason is entirely my business and anyone who disagrees with it are free to not attend, but I’m not gonna let myself be guilt tripped to change my wedding invitations.”

Bridezilla. Source: Getty

Other Reddit users were quick to point out the bride’s “cruel” treatment of her grandmother, many reflecting on how lucky the bride would be to include the matriarch in the big day.

“Wtf and yes. What a hurtful thing to do to your grandma. If she’s going to have a heart issue that day she’ll likely have it wherever she is and do you really think it wouldn’t disrupt your wedding if she had it at home,” one user wrote.

“Her heart problems ruin your wedding? That is cold and selfish. Isn’t the whole point of a wedding to be surrounded by your loved ones? I only had two grandparents at my wedding and would have been blessed to have more, had they been alive or able to travel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cruel and self centered take on weddings,” said another.

“Grandma may possibly have heart issues but this bride to be seems to be lacking a heart altogether. Who the hell does this??,” another commented.

“I WISH my grandparents could’ve been at my wedding. I miss them every day. Ungrateful little asshat,” someone wrote


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