Chrissie Swan reveals impressive weight loss

Dec 23, 2021
Chrissie Swan reveals weight loss journey to social media. Source: Instagram/@chrissieswan

Media personality Chrissie Swan has taken to social media to show off her slimmed-down figure while sharing a heartfelt message to her fans about healthy body image.

Swan has been on a spectacular weight loss journey since quitting alcohol last year. In the photo posted to Instagram, Swan is pictured wearing a pink pantsuit by Australian designer Peri Cuttan as she celebrates wrapping production on her Channell 10 show, Would I Lie To You.

“Yesterday we wrapped on the first season of Would I Lie To You? It has been without question one of the best experiences of my life – professionally and otherwise – and I can’t wait for you all to see it next year on @channel10au … Huge thanks to all our funny and surprising guests for playing with us. The crew. My goodness. How can so many people be at the top of their game at the same damned time? The hair and makeup wizards – you are exceptional. And of course heartfelt gratitude to our amazing live audiences! You made every episode utterly magical. Bring on 2022!” she captioned the photo.


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A post shared by Chrissie Swan (@chrissieswan)

The former Celebrity Masterchef and Big Brother contestant took to Instagram again later in the day to share an important message about healthy body image with her fanbase.

Chrissie Swan body positivity message.
Chrissie Swan reveals stunning weight loss. Source: Instagram/@chrissieswan

Swan has credited her impressive weight loss to a combination of meditation, giving up alcohol, and increasing her daily step count during Melbourne’s extended Covid-19 lockdown.

Earlier in the year, Swan took to Instagram to share how great she felt after a booze-free night out.

“Booze-free activity degree of difficulty: 10 = karaoke. UNLOCKED! I can’t quite believe it but it IS POSSIBLE. Fresh as a daisy this morning and I still have my voice!” she captioned the photo.


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A post shared by Chrissie Swan (@chrissieswan)

Swan revealed to The Project in October that she had made the decision to quit drinking, telling viewers, “I haven’t had a drink in about nine months”, in comments published by

“I do recommend it. If you’re thinking, ‘oh, maybe I’m drinking a bit much’ or ‘it’s not helping me anymore’, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from it, is that it didn’t help,” she said.

“With the pressures and anxieties and worries and being responsible for kids, and their whole life has changed and you’re their parent, you feel enormous guilt, though it’s all out of your control, you kind of feel like having a few drinks will take the edge off and a couple of drinks does but eventually it’s at the stage where it doesn’t help and it certainly wasn’t helping me.”

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